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celia cruz


grades 3–5

Queen Celia Cruz

Journey into the world of Latin American music and learn about the life of Celia Cruz, the Cuban-born singer known as the Queen of Salsa.


grades K–3

"Just a Minute: A Trickster Tale and Counting Book"

Watch Latinx author and illustrator Yuyi Morales read her first self-illustrated story and find out who is the trickster and who was tricked.


grades 1–5

Who I Am

Create a collage—a mixture of pictures and words—that shows who you are. Include your background, interests, and culture.

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grades 3–12

Your Heritage

Create (or write) something that represents your background and culture. Interview family members for extra help with details and perspectives.

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hispanic heritage month


grades K–12

Latinx Resources

Use this curated collection to commemorate the histories, cultures, and contributions of Latinx Americans.


grades 3–5

#ConcertForKids with the Villalobos Brothers

Get inspired by these musical brothers from Xalapa, Mexico, as they combine traditional Mexican folk music with jazz and classical music.


grades K–5

Music of the Mountains

Enjoy some traditional music, including Peruvian pan flutes. Why are they different sizes? How does that affect the sound?

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make a pinata


Preschool–grade 5

Make a Piñata

Cut, paste, and decorate your way to a fun piñata party. All you need is a few easy-to-find supplies.

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ancient art


grades 4–6

Ancient Art

Color the Incan textile pattern and then try to create your own version. What patterns do you see? What shapes will you include?


grades 3–6

Stories Behind the Stars

Discover the family stories and cultural traditions behind some of Disney's stars.

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tikal, guatemala


grades 5–12

Tikal, Guatemala

Visit this ancient city -- now a World Heritage site -- and learn about the Mayan people who once lived there.

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unsung history makers


grades 5–9

The Unsung History Makers: Maria Moreno

Go on a research quest to discover the story behind the influential labor rights activist Maria Moreno.