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Stay focused (and have fun!) while learning from home with science activities for younger kids. These free online and offline STEM projects are entertaining and educational for the whole family.

Plants vs. Frost

Learn about frost and how it affects plants by checking out a few plants after they've been exposed to freezing temperatures.

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Tree ID

Try to identify as many trees as you can around your neighborhood.

Discovering You: Shaesta Waiz

By engineering fuel tanks to fly further, Shaesta became the youngest woman to fly solo around the world in a single-engine airplane.

Home Garden Tour

Join Ms. Alejandra on a tour of her home's garden in Los Angeles. How does her garden compare with others you've seen?

Experience Polar Bears on the Tundra

Travel to the Canadian tundra to see some migrating polar bears and hear from the scientists who study them.

Inside a Space Shuttle

Tour the Space Shuttle Discovery with astronauts who used it to launch the Hubble Space Telescope.

the Sơn Đoòng cave
Explore the World's Largest Cave

Journey to Vietnam's Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park and the stunning Sơn Đoòng cave, the world's largest natural cave.

woman floating in space shuttle
Tour the International Space Station

Join astronaut Suni Williams on a guided tour of daily life inside the International Space Station.

cartoon skeletons dancing
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¡Huesos! Find Out More About Your Bones

¡Mueve tu cuerpo y aprende sobre los huesos!

cartoon octopus
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Radiolab for Kids

Get your mind swirling with these fascinating podcast episodes that ask wacky questions and find fascinating answers.

screenshot of video game
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Sort, Build, and Explore

Practice problem-solving with your favorite wacky cat, and build some basic STEM skills.

The Skin You're In

Learn a little about skin as Elmo and Lupita Nyong'o talk about the skin they're in.

Offline program
Create Your Own Constellations

Secure black paper over one end of a paper towel roll with a rubber band. Poke holes in a pattern. Look through.

screenshot of video game
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Build, Test, Improve

Solve the engineering puzzles in this free app to learn the process of iteration—making, testing, and improving—that contributes to coding.

What Is a Computer?

Even though computers are everywhere, it can be hard to understand what they are. Watch this video to learn the basics about the tools we use every day.

diagram indicating which parts of the brain control the body
brain facts dot org logo
How Does the Brain Work?

Play around with these brain-boosting interactives to find out fascinating facts about different parts and jobs of the human brain.

Bodies of Different Animals

Learn about the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates, and then draw a picture of some animals together, including one very important vertebrate—you!

marbles in sand
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Create Some Craters

Make a planet's surface with household items, and then drop marbles or small rocks to create craters. Drop from different heights, and draw the results.

plum's creature connector
Creature Connector

Learn about ecosystems and how animals and plants depend on one another in this simple game.

teacher helping a student
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First 8 Studios

Check out these free math and science apps that explore some of the basic skills that lay a solid foundation for their future STEM concepts.

cartoon characters on a seesaw
peep and the big wide world logo
Peep and the Big Wide World

Explore this excellent science-focused site for little kids. With resources for families in both English and Spanish, it's a great place to learn basic science concepts.

Community Farms

Learn about Melvin Parson's community-based farming project, which he sees as a path to healthier communities and better futures, especially for formerly incarcerated people.

a foil boat with pennies inside
Foil Penny Boats

Design and build boats that hold as many pennies as possible without sinking. All you need is aluminum foil and pennies!

cutouts to make a paper computer
hello ruby logo
Build a Paper Computer

Learn about the different parts of a computer with a fun maze activity and a cut-and-paste craft where you put all the computer parts together.

The Largest Coastal Temperate Rainforest

Take a virtual field trip to an immense rainforest stretching from Washington to British Columbia with Tsimka Martin of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation.

a caterpillar
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Plant Adaptations

Compare and contrast two separate informational texts about plants with unique adaptations for survival.

The Car That Changed the World

Find out how the Model T came to be and how it reshaped the U.S. and the world.

kid holding a tube
Marshmallow Blaster

Design a tube that launches marshmallows, and consider how air pressure works to propel them higher, faster, and farther.

China's Great Forests

Travel to China's Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, home to majestic forests and creatures (like the giant panda), towering mountains, and other iconic landscapes.

items used for a science experiment
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Cloud in a Bottle

Don your wizard's cloak and conjure a cloud with some basic household items. Make sure to work with an adult on this one.

Photosynthesis in Action

Reveal the secrets of photosynthesis by doing this simple experiment using some leaves and a bowl of water.

Observe, Sketch, and Study Clouds

Identify different types of clouds in this activity that'll get you outside (or curled up by a window) studying and sketching the sky.

Exploding Baggies Experiment

Try out this exciting outdoor activity. Ponder how and why it happens, using skills like observation and deduction.

person doing arts and crafts
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How to Make a Pinhole Camera

Sunny out? Using card stock and foil, build a way to project images—like the sun on a piece of paper.

cover art of podcast
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But Why?

Listen to this kid-friendly podcast to find out whether llamas are ticklish, why baby teeth fall out, and so much more.

greasy paper bag
Community Resources for Science
Fatty Foods

Determine which foods are the fattiest in this hands-on experiment. Grab a brown paper bag and some of your favorite snacks to find out!

Space + Slime = Science

Watch as astronauts play with slime in space, then recreate their messy science experiments at home.

person holding a butterfly
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Butterfly World Tour

Learn about the life cycle of a butterfly in this lively virtual tour.

School Garden Tour

Check out this narrated photo tour of the Wilshire Crest Elementary School garden, chock-full of all kinds of different plants.

jungle rangers
Find the Rainforest Animals

Follow Plum's directions and snap photos of the rainforest animals to learn more about them.

Journey of Water

Explore Colombia by way of its fascinating páramo ecosystem, featuring awe-inspiring and water-generating mountain landscapes.

woman illustrating how moon craters are made
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Artificial Moon Craters

Make moon craters in your kitchen and observe the ejecta patterns. Grab some baking supplies, a few different-size rocks, and prepare for impact.

people presenting old fossils and bones
Smithsonian logo
Forgotten Elephants of Deep Time

Learn how factors like body size, tooth shape, and habitat each played a role in the evolution of the elephant.

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Penguin Census

Discover how scientists are counting chinstrap penguins in Antarctica. It's part of a global penguin census that will help researchers better understand the Antarctic environment.

a full moon
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Phases of the Moon

Keep a monthlong journal of the phases of the moon. Observe the moon and draw its shape. Can you predict what will happen next?

Coastal Peru

Journey to the Humboldt Current ecosystem off Peru's coast. Find out how the current pushes nutrients from the deep ocean to the surface.

The Allegheny Steam Locomotive

Learn about the innovative design and engineering work that went into the creation of the historic Allegheny steam locomotive—the last of its kind.

homemade house for bugs
Build a Bug Hotel

Cobble together a funky little living space for all kinds of creepy crawlies. Put it outside and see who moves in.

The Symphony of the Rainforest

Learn about the rainforest of Borneo, the world's third largest island. Find out how scientists use sound to study and protect the island's biodiversity.

Skateboard Spirograph

Grab a skateboard (or exercise ball, etc.), some giant paper, markers, and a friend to make a masterpiece on wheels.

cartoon man lying down on a field
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Nursery Rhyme Story Time

Read and explore some basic science concepts with your little one. Plus, this nursery rhyme reading activity has some fun STEM concepts built right in!

wash your hands
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Hand-Washing Review

Reinforce what most kids probably already know at this point—the utmost importance of hand-washing—with this fun hip-hop video.

animated animals dancing
Hour of Code

Try these engaging, one-hour introductory computer science tutorials, appropriate for all ages. There are hundreds of activities and tutorials in over 45 languages.

picture of astronaut andrew morgan
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Astronaut Andrew Morgan Answers Kids' Questions

Find out from an astronaut what it's like to take a 272-day trip to the International Space Station and then come home to a pandemic.

the ocean
How Deep is the Ocean?

Tour the depths of the ocean to find out how scientists explore regions that are hard to reach and discover the creatures that exist beneath.

decorative water jar
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation logo
Water Cycle in a Jar

Create and witness the water cycle in a personally designed glass jar.

sample image of coding
Quick Coding Course

Learn the fundamentals of computer science with drag-and-drop blocks. Create your own drawings and games.

materials used for a science experiment
Electric Energy Experiment

Conduct electricity in this hands-on experiment. Grab a few household items and see how you can make cereal, dried spices, or Styrofoam dance!

cup of slime
Marvelous Mucus

Discover how mucus is actually beneficial to our health. Watch the videos to learn more, and grab some Jell-O to conduct an experiment at home.

animated snail
Quick Coding Course for Pre-Readers

Learn the fundamentals of computer science with drag-and-drop blocks. Create your own drawings and games.

Kids playing with magnets
Magnetic Field Detector

Design and build your own magnetic field detector! Using household items, think about how you'll find the invisible force called magnetism.

drawn out idea
el education logo
Helpful Invention

Dream up an invention you think could help make people's lives better. Design it, then build it. Check out the two examples for inspiration.

A kid enjoying nature
Nature Notebook

Hunt for natural items and draw what you see in a notebook. You'll be surprised at how much you find, even staying close to home!

Jack Doane
time for kids logo
Kids' COVID-19 Questions Answered

Learn some fast facts about the coronavirus in this video where TFK Kid Reporters talk with Dr. Ingrid Katz of Harvard.

A family maintaining their garden
How Does Your Garden Grow?

Create a home garden in your yard or in a flower pot, using five easy-to-find items.

Google Earth satellite view of an island
The Alphabet on Earth

Take a trip around the globe and notice that the Earth actually knows its ABC's! Explore different areas that look like letters from outer space.

Animated character with a bowl of snacks
scholastic logo
How to Mix the Best Snack

Mix your favorite snack while learning the scientific properties of mixtures. Start with the video and test your knowledge with a quick quiz after.

Recycle Roundup

Practice recycling by sorting items into the correct bins.

Kites Need Tails!

Try this kite-building activity you can do at home! Be sure to check out the resource on how tails help a kite to fly.

Wild Biomes

Bounce between two extreme American environments when it comes to water and rainfall—the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest—with water scientist Kari Vigerstol.

Helicopter cutouts
Homemade Helicopters

Use this DIY helicopter-building activity to promote kids' design thinking. Can you make the copter twirl faster? Fly farther?

A young girl making a silly face
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Funny Animal Rhymes

Make a mini-book with some animal rhymes. Use the animal pages provided, then come up with more animal rhymes of your own!

Brushes made with branches and leaves
DIY Nature Brush

Go out into your yard and collect any cool plants, leaves, and twigs you find. Then use what you've collected to create a paintbrush.

tinkergarten logo
Nature Curtain Decorations

Find, and look more closely at, nature's amazing objects as you create your own natural decorations.

Eco-Friendly Sneaker

Can you design and build a sneaker that's environmentally friendly? As you work, consider the effects of the materials you're using.

growing plants and being eco-friendly
noggin logo
Grow Green

See whether you've got a green thumb by growing a bean to sprout in honor of the spring.

Music in a Bottle

Make your own music using glass bottles filled with water.

Start a Rubber Band Band

Learn to build your own rubber band guitar (and other instruments!) out of simple household supplies.

tinkergarten logo
Find What Floats Your Boat

Create Boats with Curious George! Design, build, then test your boat in some water.

laughing animals
Laughing Animals?

Watch this video to find out if animals can laugh. What do you find funny? After, play the bonus to learn even more animal facts.

Penguins vs. Puffins

Read all about penguins and puffins, then vote for your favorite!

Wicked Weather Wiz

Prepare for all types of weather in this interactive game. From hurricanes to tornadoes, learn which clues to look for and actions to take.

A Science Game Show—for Your Ears!

Tune into this quirky, daily podcast for curious minds. Complete the cool STEAM challenges to apply what you listened to.

cat being petted
The Purr-fect Pet

Discover why cats purr. Is that sound a lawn mower or your cat? Play the bonus to learn more amazing facts about these furry felines.

Double Bubble Magic

See if you can create a bubble within a bubble with just some dish soap, a straw, water, and sugar.

DIY Fluffy Slime

Mix a few ingredients to create fun and colorful fluffy slime in this cool hands-on activity.

Color Confusion

Watch this video to see how light affects the colors you see. Create this magic trick at home with construction paper or brightly colored markers.

kid mixing ingredients in a bowl
noggin logo
Super Solar Power!

Do a science experiment to recreate Maria Telkes's machine that used the sun to turn saltwater into fresh water.

DIY Yogurt Time!

Help the environment and make your own homemade yogurt with this easy recipe!

a drawing
el education logo
Make a Micro-Field Guide

Create a field guide to a tiny spot (about one square meter) in your yard, a local park, or any other patch of nature in your community.

Amphibians in Audio

Listen while you learn to determine if the sound frogs make depends on where they live. Ribbit, ribbit, can you guess who's calling?

Wow in the World Podcast Activities

Listen to any episode of the Wow in the World podcast, and turn it into a STEAM learning adventure with this free printable!

Who Made That Sound?

Listen to the different sounds animals make and guess which one it is. Then take a virtual trip to see where it lives.

Make a Balloon-Powered Boat

Create a mini-air-powered boat using a sponge and a balloon. Tweak your design and reflect on the results.

We're Going on a Nature Walk!

Explore your yard or neighborhood and discover cool things! Check off, circle, or color the items on your list once you've found them.

flocabulary logo
Earth Day

Rap and learn about the history of Earth Day. Follow up with vocabulary and skill-building activities.

Nature Cat explaining Earth Day
Nature Cat: Earth Day Today

Join your zany friend Nature Cat as he learns about the importance of Earth Day.

noggin logo
How Far Can It Fly?

Make a paper airplane using the printable template. Try again by changing your design and see if you can go ever farther!

an earthworm
pbs learning media logo

Watch this video to learn about the role of decomposers (worms!!!) in the living world.

How Toilet Paper Is Made

Visit a huge factory that makes toilet paper, tissue, and paper towels. You'll get to see how something so simple is actually complex to manufacture.

worker from a recycling plant
pbs learning media logo
Visiting a Recycling Plant

See the recycling process for paper, from pickup to sorting and baling up the final product.

Powering the Planet

Visit the Mojave Desert and Palmyra Atoll to see how renewable energy sources can be—and are—harnessed to power cities.

leaves and petals in a jar
tinkergarten logo
Magic Petal Potions

Make potions! This activity never gets old for little ones, and will give them tools for play and investigation they can use again and again.

A student understanding building structure
Earthquake-Proof Construction

Construct a model building that can withstand an earthquake, and build your own shake table! Then, consider how buildings in your town are constructed.

Chemistry Color Explosion

Create a chemical reaction and work of art by mixing a few simple ingredients to create a beautiful pattern.

Mosquito Madness

Design solutions to save a town from an invasion of mosquitos. What could have brought them there? Use the problem solver's sheet to find out!

Hula Hoop Observation

Be a backyard scientist. Use a hula hoop to isolate an area to observe. And if you don't have a hoop, make one!

tumble logo
Answering Kids' Questions About Coronavirus

Check out this podcast where kids' practical questions about the coronavirus get answered by real scientists.

illustration of a plant's needs
What Do Plants Need?

Learn what plants need and design a journal to keep your drawings and other important information you've learned.

A girl demonstrating how to use a pan balance
How Can We Balance?

Play this game to learn how to use a pan balance.

learning how to recycle properly
pbs learning media logo
Loop Scoops: Garbage

In this animated video, Oliver learns the power of recycling, composting, and donating unwanted items.

The Kids Should See This logo
Rube Goldberg Machines

Check out these crazy contraptions that are all about cause and effect, and draw a plan for your own.

Boy working on problem - Knowledge on the Go
great minds logo
Great Minds: Knowledge on the Go

Build knowledge with these high-quality, daily instructional video lessons for ELA (grades K–8) and math (grades K–12).

Science Podcasts for Kids

Choose a podcast from Brains On! featuring science for kids and curious adults. There's no need to download anything—you can listen online!

Wide Open School's logo
Find Out What Floats

Fill a large container with water and find objects that are safe to get wet (ask first!). Which float? Why do you think so?

Environment Channel

Take a deeper look at the natural systems that sustain life on earth and find new ways to participate as good players in the system.

Why Do the Stars Change with the Seasons?

Make a paper model of the solar system that helps you visualize Earth’s yearly orbit around the Sun.

Plum Landing Games

Play! Explore! Create! And discover the wonders of our amazing planet with your friends from Plum Landing.

Sending Secret Messages

Find out how to communicate over a distance in this hands on activity. Grab some markers and a flashlight and get your secret message out.

Peep characters on slide
peep and the big wide world logo
Ramp Up, Roll Down

Check out this free app in English or Spanish to learn about ramps, and then use the activities to take learning offscreen.

Astrophysics for Young People in a Hurry

Gather the whole family to hear LeVar Burton narrate Neil deGrasse Tyson's educational and entertaining read about the universe.

Be an Animal Expert

Explore types of animals and choose three to learn about. Write down some facts about each to share with your family.

Bouncy Eggs

Learn how to make an egg bounce (without breaking it!) in this fun and easy science experiment!

Can You Make Lava?

Watch the video to discover the answer and learn a little about lava along the way.

Sea otter game tokens
Sea Otters and Ecosystems

Play this tossing game to learn about sea otters, urchins, kelp, and the ecosystem they share.

The Secret Life of Corals

Explore the breathtaking coastlines and coral reefs of the Dominican Republic with scientist Joe Pollock.

Floating Penny

Do this simple experiment to test air and water pressure. Are there other examples that show these forces in action?

cartoon characters on the beach
peep and the big wide world logo
Fun with Science

Follow some curious characters to discover basic science concepts through exploration and simple experiments.

cartoon monkey
Hello, Scientists!

Choose a grade level and video lesson to learn about weather, waves, and ecosystems.

demonstrating the virus and soap
Soap and Coronaviruses

Coronaviruses are surrounded by the same type of membrane that surrounds human cells. Learn how disrupting this membrane with soap or alcohol inactivates the virus.


Explore types of animals and choose three to learn about. Write down some facts about each to share with your family.

What's an Engineer?

This video is just right for little kids, explaining the engineering process in easy-to-understand language and fun animations.

Learn Computer Science

Choose a course that's the right level and do a few lessons to learn some programming.

Science Quizzes

Find out how much you know about sharks, space, or other science topics, and then share the most interesting facts you learned.

time for kids logo
Free Library of Magazines

Read about everything from endangered bananas to future robots. TIME for Kids has made their digital library free for the rest of the school year.

Shifting Shadows

Grab a flashlight to see if you can make a paper gnome's shadow dance. Take your findings outside and test on a sunny day.

Kids vs. Plastic

Take the Kids vs. Plastic pledge to get your Planet Protector certificate and find out what you can do to fight trash.

Think Fast

Test your reflex skills with these fast but fun experiments. Discover how long it will take your body to get the message from your brain.

Nature's Amazing Underwater Cities

Dive into the coral reefs of Palau with marine biologist Stephanie Wear and see how this unique environment depends on symbiosis among diverse organisms.