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Discover reading and writing activities to do at home. The audiobooks, writing prompts, and language games in this collection are fun, engaging, and educational all at the same time.

Journalism 101

Get a crash course in journalism from Hilde Lysiak, the youngest member of the Society of Professional Journalists, who started reporting on local news before she turned 10.

child writing a letter
Essential Words: Letters of Gratitude to Essential Workers

Write a meaningful letter of thanks to essential workers that returns their acts of service and kindness.

cartoon drawing of Sacagawea
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Who Was Sacagawea?

Listen to this audiobook to learn about an amazing teenager who made some of the exploration of North America possible.

we read too
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Discover Diverse Books

Caregivers can use this app to more easily find books written by and featuring people of color.

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Julie Andrews Reads Aloud

Enjoy listening to the original Mary Poppins read a variety of wonderful stories.

We're Different, We're the Same

Listen as Gordon reads a book about how people might look different from each other, but also have lots of similarities.

Cultures Around the World

Discover different cultural traditions from around the world and the things we all have in common, too.

All Kinds of Families

Listen to this story and learn that even though families might have differences, love is what matters most.

drawing of a family
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Be a Movie Critic

Watch a movie (or show) of your choice. Sign up for a free Common Sense Media account, search for the title you watched, and write a review to share your thoughts.

cartoon skeleton playing a guitar
Celebrating Family on Día de los Muertos

Listen to and watch this animated explanation of the Day of the Dead. Then, write or draw a picture about your favorite parts.

Trombone Shorty

Listen to the true story of a boy who discovered his musical talent, worked hard, and grew up to be an award-winning musician.

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Family Interview Project

Use these questions (or write your own) to interview a family member. Write down or record their answers, and share with the whole family.

kids using laptops
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The Homework Gap

Read this article to learn about the homework gap. Make your own Wi-Fi map using Google Maps and online info about free hot spots near you.

cartoon characters in space
The Alphabet in Space

After watching this video, draw a picture with all the letters in the alphabet in space. Are some on a rocket? In the stars?

your role model responding to your letter
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Your Hero Writes You a Response Letter

Imagine your hero responded to a letter you wrote them. What might they say?

drawing of earth and mars
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Take a Trip Through Space

Learn about the solar system in this printable storybook. Make sure to watch the video first, and then color in the pages.

robot in space
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Curious About Cryptozoology?

Learn about all kinds of creatures as you explore this list of mysterious beasts.

person sitting on the grass
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The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

Listen to this award-winning podcast performed by kids and see if you can solve the mystery.

mom and child painting together
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Secret Messages in Invisible Ink

To make invisible ink, use 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup water. Write with a cotton swab or paintbrush, and reveal the message with grape juice!

It's Never Too Early to Talk About Justice

Listen to this story about racial inequities told in a way that's easy to understand and encourages action.

workers going underground
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Ancient Underground Mysteries

Read about the ancient tunnels underneath Rome and how scientists are trying to make a map of them so they know where sinkholes might happen.

The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake

Find out who takes the cake in this silly mystery. What were the clues? Try to write or draw your own mystery.

various animals
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Amazing Animal Adaptations

Even though it's not exactly magic, some of the ways these animals have adapted to their environments is truly amazing.

Strega Nona

Listen to this story about a magic pasta pot and find out what happens when the magic doesn't work quite as expected.

a child contemplating and thinking
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Solve the Mysteries

After reading these short mysteries, see if you can solve them before looking at the answers. How did you figure them out?


Listen to stories about crocodiles in both English and Spanish, and see some real ones!

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Duolingo ABC – Learn to Read

Download this free app for fun, free letter-learning lessons and early reading practice.

sesame street characters
Sesame Street

Browse the games and videos that teach the ABCs, 123s, and social-emotional skills with some favorite friends.

cartoon penguin and scrubs
Scrubbing with the ABCs

Visualize germs, how they work, and why we wash our hands, all while working on your alphabet skills.

a caterpillar
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Plant Adaptations

Compare and contrast two separate informational texts about plants with unique adaptations for survival.

cartoon characters
Obstacle Course for Literacy

Get outside—or stay in!—and create an obstacle course that gets kids moving and building literacy skills.

various pictures that tells a story
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Storytelling with Words and Pictures

Learn all about the elements of storytelling, then write your own story with a clear setting, conflict, and resolution.

video title screen
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A Truly Creative Curriculum

Move and create along with these high-energy video lessons that are sure to tap into your inner artist, writer, and performer.

dolls in paper cars
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Ride and Rhyme

Take a car ride with Baa Baa the sheep in this printable storybook. Watch the video first, and then color in the pages.

Parts of a House

Watch this short video, then visit rooms in your house to learn some key vocabulary words.

accepting our differences
Zombies Don't Eat Veggies

Listen to actor Jaime Camil read this fun, silly, Spanish-and-English story about the importance of family, being your authentic self, and accepting our differences.

sample contradiction prompt
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Creating Contractions

Learn how to use contractions and then practice using them by writing a letter to a family member, friend, or teacher.

a maze made with tape and written letters
Solve an A-Maze-Ing Letter Maze

Find your way to some early literacy skills in this fun, and active, letter-learning game.

a woman reading a book
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Storybook Read-Alouds

Watch and listen to these stories, read in either English or Spanish by teachers. Use the story guides to learn vocabulary and get activity inspiration.

an apple made out of paper
A Letter a Day

Use this crafty activity to help your little one learn and identify letters of the alphabet.

drawing of a girl
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Create a Character Profile

Imagine a fictional, yet realistic, person. Write a profile of their life, including traits like physical appearance and personality. Describe their family, school, job, and more.

various toys laid out
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Create a Story Box

Stretch your imagination by making up stories using a mixture of household items placed in a box.

black and white photo of nurses
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History of Pandemics

Place the coronavirus pandemic in context by reading about previous pandemics that sickened people around the globe.

animal mole
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Dig into Reading

Build some reading skills, like main idea and supporting details, in this reading activity that involves a cute little mole.

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Penguin Census

Discover how scientists are counting chinstrap penguins in Antarctica. It's part of a global penguin census that will help researchers better understand the Antarctic environment.

Daniel Radcliffe
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Harry Potter at Home

Watch and listen as Daniel Radcliffe reads the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. If you've got the book, follow along.

novelist jerry craft
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8 Questions for Jerry Craft

Read about how graphic novelist Jerry Craft discovered comics and why he wrote his Newbery Award-winning book New Kid.

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Get Inspiration from a Kid's Poem

Check out this poem about an endangered species written by a middle schooler. Then, write a paragraph responding to it, or write your own poem.

Private I. Guana

Follow along to help solve the mystery of the missing chameleon. Use the included teacher's guide for suggestions and ideas to extend learning.

child playing with paper cutouts
Make Your Own Name Puzzle

Help young kids put all the pieces together as they learn to spell their own name, building foundational literacy skills along the way.

if the world were a village cover photo
If the World Were a Village

Find out what the world would look if it were one village by listening to these stories about the people on our planet.

editing a picture of a dog
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Explore the World, Tell a Story

Use this free, bilingual app in a wide variety of ways, including telling stories, learning vocabulary, and using creativity.

letters in blocks and squares
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Upper- and Lowercase Letter Practice

Get some uppercase writing practice, and identify lowercase letters, with this easy-to-follow, free alphabet worksheet.

z is for zebra
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Make an Alphabet Poster

Create an original illustrated alphabet poster (or 26 individual letter pages) to display in your home.

Read About a Ranch, See Baby Chicks!

Listen to the author read his book, and watch the real chicks, too!

Learn Your Letters

Go on an adventure with the brave letter A. Follow the whole series to learn about all 26 letters.

connect the dots for an octopus
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Fun Alphabet Activities

Use these activities and worksheets to help your little ones learn to identify and write their ABCs.

One Naughty Cookie

As the author reads his book about a traditional gingerbread piggy cookie in English, follow along with the Spanish text on the screen.

cartoon man lying down on a field
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Nursery Rhyme Story Time

Read and explore some basic science concepts with your little one. Plus, this nursery rhyme reading activity has some fun STEM concepts built right in!

writing a letter pretending to be the teen version of that person
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Write a Letter to a Loved One in the Past

Think of an adult who's special to you. Write a letter to a teenage version of them.

screenshot from e-book
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Family Members Help Each Other

Read this sweet ebook about some grandchildren who want to help their grandmother find her courage.

letter cutouts pasted on a wall
Find Sight Words Everywhere

Cut and paste your way to sight word mastery with this easy-to-make reading and literacy activity.

different punctuations
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Punctuation Comes to Life

Review how end punctuation marks—periods, question marks, and exclamation points—do their jobs at the ends of sentences.

adult reading a book to a child
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Two-Week Reading Plan

Use these e-books and activities to support reading and thinking over the next two weeks. Watch the videos to see the activities in action.

differences between fiction and nonfiction
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Fiction and Nonfiction

Help your young one learn the difference between these two genres. Then search your bookshelf for an example of each, and get reading!

sample month of may writing prompts
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Daily Writing Prompts

Make a routine out of writing with these daily prompts. Print out a new calendar at the start of each month.

a cartoon raven drinking water
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What Makes a Fable a Fable?

Learn all about fables in this short video. The moral of this story? Afterward, you'll be able to spot a fable whenever you read one.

drawing of a bear being portrayed as a teacher
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Hey, What's the Big Idea?

Help kids learn to identify the subject, the main idea, and supporting details—three important concepts for reading any text.

picture of astronaut andrew morgan
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Astronaut Andrew Morgan Answers Kids' Questions

Find out from an astronaut what it's like to take a 272-day trip to the International Space Station and then come home to a pandemic.

picture of a fisher cat
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Do Your Daily Wondering

Stop by to find out some intriguing info about the world. Try out some of the suggested activities or sources to continue your learning.

words from poem
Slay the Jabberwock!

Read this poem full of nonsense words aloud, and then figure out which part of speech each one is. Based on context clues, what might they mean?

abstract art
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That's Just Your Opinion!

Can you tell the difference between facts and opinions? Help kids identify the differences, and learn why it's important to tell these two apart.

people working together
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In It Together

Read about efforts in four countries to keep people healthy during the pandemic. What can you do to help lift people's spirits?

Going to the Doctor

Listen to stories in both English and Spanish and hear what a doctor has to say about why it's important to visit doctors to stay healthy.

writing a letter
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Writing Letters

Do people still write and send letters? Of course! Learn all about some different types of letters and how to write them.

cutouts of letters laid out on a floor
Stomp Words to Build Literacy

Get kids spelling, reading, and moving—all at once—with this sight word project and game.

A computer on a scooter
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Learn to Rhyme

Learn how rhyming works from the experts! This clever rap video not only explains rhyming -- it gives kids a chance to make their own.

A cat with a hat
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Rhyme Time Flash Cards

Get your preschooler rhyming with this do-it-yourself flash card kit. You can use the pictures provided or draw your own with items from around your home!

Animated drawing of a farmer
Colonial Towns and Townspeople

Work through this video-based series of lessons and activities that explore what colonial life was like.

picture of Nikki Giovanni
Which Season Do You Like Best?

Read the poem and think about the feelings and images the list creates. Then, write a poem or list about your favorite season.

Teacher and students in front of a high school
The Power of a Letter

Read about a teacher who wrote encouraging letters to students. Then take the quiz, review the power words, and write about why the letters meant so much.

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Watch this short video about Cinco de Mayo and then write or draw a picture about your answer to the question at the end.

Offline program
Letters of Appreciation

Practice your writing skills and say thank you to your favorite teacher by writing them a note and drawing a picture.

Sample of creating your own story
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Let's Make Up Stories!

Create a story in minutes with help from this interactive story-making tool. Then print it and/or share it out loud.

A teacher and student high-fiving
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Quick Skills Check

Have kids take this quick, grade-appropriate reading- or math-readiness assessment to gauge their skills. After, use some of the suggested activities to continue learning.

Little kid peeking under the bed
I Need My Monster

Celebrate the love of reading by listening to actress Rita Moreno read this story about friendship, imagination, and bedtime routines.

Animated children standing on clouds
Create Your Own Story

Work with Pinkalicious to write and create your own story. Choose characters, sets, props, and more.

child lying down on floor
Fingertip Letter Game

Can you guess the letter someone writes on your back? Take turns quizzing each other. Then expand to include lowercase letters and even numbers.

A castle from a fairy tale
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Fairy Tale Time

Explore fairy tales from different cultures, learn things they all have in common, then compare and contrast. You can even write your own!

Animated characters from video link
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Rhyme Time Challenge

Rhyme and bounce to get your mind and body charged up for the day.

Mother and daughter hugging
Appreciating the Small Things

Thinking about your mother or another caregiver, identify some of the everyday ways that person shows you love. Show your appreciation with a note or hug.

A young girl making a silly face
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Funny Animal Rhymes

Make a mini-book with some animal rhymes. Use the animal pages provided, then come up with more animal rhymes of your own!

Animated drawing of people during early America
A New Nation

Learn about the founding of the U.S. in this distance learning course featuring videos and activities.

Offline program
Silly Voices

Select a book together and, using silly voices, take turns reading pages. Try out different voices for different characters.

Neighborhood Helpers

Use critical thinking skills to learn some ways people come together as a community of helpers.

noggin logo
Storytime Imagination

Take turns making up a creative story before bedtime. The only limits are your imagination ... and bedtime!

tinkergarten logo
Wild Things Kings and Queens

Read Where the Wild Things Are, then invite kids to create their own crowns using the natural treasures around them.

learning your vowels
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Long- and Short-Vowel Song

Rhyme along with this fun vowel song. Then find five familiar items around your house and identify the vowel sounds in their names.

Penguins vs. Puffins

Read all about penguins and puffins, then vote for your favorite!

appreciating and being thankful for our service workers
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Community Hero Story

Make up a story about someone who's a hero in your community.

cartoon girl flying through the air
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Making Predictions When You Read

Follow along with this fun hip-hop video. Then, read a new book and make a prediction about what you think will happen.

dog bone with gift wrap
All the Presidents' Pets

Read about some of the most popular, and strangest, pets that have lived in the White House.

cartoon socks with words written on them
DIY Found Poetry

Take notice of the words around you, then turn them into poetry! Like the popular magnetic game, this DIY version should get your creativity going.

Screenshot of website link
Storytime with a Side of Math

Click through this read-aloud that includes songs and math problems.

kid writing on cement with chalk
Hopping for Literacy

Hopscotch your way to letter recognition with this fun activity that gets kids moving and building literacy skills.

Pre K-Pages Logo
Let's Write About It!

Write a morning message outlining today's activities in this fun and interactive lesson.

It's Springtime!

Create a colorful picture by tracing letters and shapes and learning sight words associated with spring.

Long Vowels

Sing along with your friends the Alphablocks to learn those tricky long vowel spelling patterns.

man holding a book
Here Comes the Garbage Barge

Before everyone recycled, there was a town that had 3,168 tons of garbage and nowhere to put it. What did they do? Enter the garbage barge!

time for kids logo
Should Cars Be Banned in Cities?

Read kids' arguments for and against banning cars in cities. Then, using the same format, write your own opinion essay on this topic.

how to address an envelope
GoNoodle logo
Address an Envelope

Learn the steps of this important skill. Then, write a letter to friends or family—they'll be delighted to get it in the mail.

noggin logo
A Hero of Heroes

Create your own superhero comic using the printable template. The Bubble Guppies are battling a villain, and only you can finish the story!

Pre K-Pages Logo
Circle Time!

Start the day off with a special circle time of songs and calendar and weather activities.

time for kids logo
Amazon Rain Forest

Read the article on forest life and write three facts you learned.

ABCs of Moving You

Get up and dance with your favorite characters as Usher sings a special version of the ABCs.

illustration of a plant's needs
What Do Plants Need?

Learn what plants need and design a journal to keep your drawings and other important information you've learned.

responding to art
Library of Congress logo
Respond to a Piece of Art

Find a piece of art of any kind and from anyone. Write a response to it. What does it make you feel and think?

Boy working on problem - Knowledge on the Go
great minds logo
Great Minds: Knowledge on the Go

Build knowledge with these high-quality, daily instructional video lessons for ELA (grades K–8) and math (grades K–12).

Offline program
Write and Perform a Rap Song

Write an original rap song and perform it for family members after dinner.

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch

Join actor Héctor Elizondo as he reads this heartwarming tale of acceptance, love, friendship, and community.

Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend

Use your library card for access, and then watch Scaredy Squirrel get over his fear of making friends. Talk about some ways to get past fears.

Create a Family Movie Guide

Create a family movie guide that not only will be a lasting piece of memorabilia but will also help with writing skills.

The Hula-Hoopin' Queen

Listen to Oprah Winfrey read The Hula-Hoopin' Queen and get your hips swingin' and fingers snappin' as you enjoy a story of family and celebration.

Find the Rhyme

Match the bats that have rhyming words on their bellies. Learn what makes a rhyme, listen to the words, and make the match!

Wide Open School's logo
Pantry Letters

Write down the alphabet. Look in your kitchen and try to find one item that starts with each letter. Write it down! What about Z?

Khan Academy Kids App

This pre-K app makes it easy and fun for young kids to immerse themselves in foundational skills like reading, counting, social-emotional learning, and more.

Pre K-Pages Logo
Get a Grip

Choose a few of the listed activities to build the fine motor skills needed to grasp a pencil and learn to write.

Cartoon people on a ship
The War of 1812

Discover why the War of 1812 is often called the second war for independence in this in-depth distance learning course.

Libby logo
Read from the library

Find Your Favorites. Browse ebooks and audiobooks from public libraries for free with this book app.

time for kids logo
Cool Inventions

Read about some of the coolest inventions from 2019, then write a few sentences about the best ones or an original idea for an invention.

Wide Open School's logo
Bedtime Stories

Cuddle up with your kids and read a favorite book or two aloud. Or use your imagination and tell a story together.

headphones wrapped around books
Free Collection from Audible

Increase fluency, build vocabulary, and improve pronunciation by listening to your favorite books online. Great for all ages. Titles in multiple languages as well.

Build Language Skills

Choose a game and a word list that's the right level, and work on vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing.

time for kids logo
Comic Craze

Read an article about comics and graphic novels, and then click on the link to download the quiz or open a Google Form version.

starfall library samples
Starfall Library

Choose a book, listen, and follow along to fiction, nonfiction, or poetry.

Student Handouts Logo

Print these worksheets or make your own to practice tracing letters and using fine motor skills.

starfall ABC blocks
Starfall ABCs

Click on the letters to hear the sounds, and see words and pictures that start with those sounds.

storyline online logo
Stars Telling Stories

Find a favorite book or a beloved celebrity to listen to a story read aloud.

noggin logo

Use Noggin, a learning app from Nick Jr., that provides learning-based videos, games, and books with Nick Jr. characters.

cartoon boy and dog
Be a Letter Detective

Work on letter identification with this fun activity you can create with materials from around your home.