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Find fun and free math games, apps, and activities for younger kids to do at home.

an agent using superpowers
Odd Mysteries

Become an Odd Squad agent and use math to find the mysterious creatures.

trying to guess a number
Mystery Number

Use greater-than and lesser-than clues to find the right number.

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First 8 Studios

Check out these free math and science apps that explore some of the basic skills that lay a solid foundation for their future STEM concepts.

Playing Card Math Games

Learn these math games that only require a deck of cards. Play with a brother, sister, or family member to test your skills.

Touch Your Head, Arms, and Toes

Move—and count—along with this catchy song.

screenshot of worksheet
Community Resources for Science
A Snail's Pace

Play this game and see which snail will win the race. Use mental addition, probability, and patterns to move your snail to the finish line!

drawing of cylinders
Community Resources for Science
Which One Holds More?

Grab two sheets of paper and create two different-size cylinders. Predict which one will hold more Legos, beads, or other objects of your choice!

pancakes and fractions
Flapjack Fractions

Play this fun online game where you try to flip the correct number of pancakes shown on the fraction.

two pairs of feet with shoes on
peep and the big wide world logo
Let's Step Outside

Count the steps it takes you and your child to get to a destination, and use math terms to compare the results.

book-made bridge with pennies on a sheet of paper
Build and Test Paper Bridges

Learn what gives a bridge its strength with this DIY design project you can do with materials from around your home.

children doing math
Addition Funnels

Attach this simple math "machine" to a wall, then use it to illustrate for kids how addition works. Start small, then move to larger numbers.

various strings on a plate
Find Pi Everywhere

Discover the magical mathematical nature of pi. All you'll need is a circular object, some string, and scissors.

scraps of paper sorted by size
Sort by Size: Is it Big or Little?

Help your preschooler learn to sort and categorize items. You can do it with paper or anything else you find around your home!

various shapes that forms a person
Tangram Puzzle

Play this ancient game, where you create different shapes and figures, using just seven geometric tiles. There are 40 interactive puzzles to choose from.

cartoon rainclouds
Perfect Precipitation

Rearrange the numbers to give your plants the amount of water they need in this game. Learn place value while watching your plants grow!

two origami boxes
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Origami Boxes

Learn the Japanese art of paper folding and make your very own origami box. Decorate the paper before folding to add a personal touch!

cartoon characters
Hairdo Math

Explore some basic counting skills and shape identification in this cute Peg and Cat adventure interactive.

learning shapes
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Fun with Basic Shapes

Help your little ones learn some basic shapes—circles, squares, and triangles—with these easy-to-teach, free worksheets.

cartoon character and a cat in a bathtub
Bath Water Estimation Lesson

Splash along and make educated guesses about how much water will fit in Peg and Cat's bathtub. Then make it a bath night and try it yourself.

screenshot from website's music graph
Music Maker

Use this fun interactive to learn about the numbers 0 through 10, and make some music along the way.

drawing of a duck with human arms
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Addition and Subtraction Challenge

Can you add and subtract using numbers from 0 to 17? Watch the video, then test your math-fact skills!

toy bricks stacked in rows
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Brick and Block Math

Explore some fundamental math concepts using Duplo or Lego bricks.

cartoon men
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Easy As 2+2

Adding and subtracting doubles has never been easier! Use this clever rap song's mnemonics to help kids memorize some handy math facts.

lego figures
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Use Legos to Learn Math

Got some Lego bricks lying around? Use them to learn and practice some simple math concepts.

sample building block diagram
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Building Blocks

Learn about area and perimeter in this interactive. Sizes and shapes: How do they all relate? Start exploring, then challenge yourself in a game.

snoopy wearing a baseball cap and holding a baseball bat
peanuts logo
Sporty Math

Solve problems, decode messages, and complete a word search with Snoopy as you explore the math in baseball, surfing, skateboarding, and more!

various math functions
Math Skills Galore!

Choose the grade level and skill that works best, watch the videos, play the games, and do the practice.

Peg & Cat on a fish undersea
Counting with Peg + Cat

Practice some basic counting skills with this short Peg + Cat video. Then explore some more lessons with these animated friends.

Cartoon characters telling time
flocabulary logo
Clock Basics

Introduce kids to clocks -- both analog and digital -- and consider all the ways they're helpful. Also, learn some time-telling basics.

Three cups of smoothies
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Smoothie Math

Get kids counting while cooking with this berry smoothie recipe that mixes in some math talk and teaching.

Teacher and students being active
National Math Foundation logo
Math and Movement

Choose one of the activities to get moving and learn math at the same time. Play pretend, or hopscotch your way to learning new skills!

A kid in front of a chalkboard with a math problem written on it
Khan Academy logo
Multiplication Mastermind

Practice multiplication skills, and check your knowledge with a post-lesson quiz.

A teacher and student high-fiving
learning heroes logo
Quick Skills Check

Have kids take this quick, grade-appropriate reading- or math-readiness assessment to gauge their skills. After, use some of the suggested activities to continue learning.

Screenshot from game
Greedy Gophers

Place coordinates on a grid to save the carrot from hungry gophers. Learn about the four quadrants and negative and positive coordinates. Flash required.

Cartoon girl presenting her artwork
Symmetry Painting

Create your own perfectly symmetrical work of art by painting on one side and seeing your creation mirrored on the other.

DREME logo
Cookies, Sharing, and Equal Groups

Turn cookie making into an opportunity to discuss and practice sharing, counting, and creating equal amounts.

cartoon characters at a party
flocabulary logo
Regrouping in Subtraction

Use this clever rap to learn how borrowing works when subtracting large numbers. Then, practice with some subtraction problems of your own.

Animated 100-dollar bills
flocabulary logo
Making Money Make "Cents"

Help kids learn the values of different types of American currency, from coins to bills.

The Triangle Dance

Get in on the latest dance craze: the Triangle Dance!

How to Shade a Cube

Learn the basics of drawing three-dimensional shapes with this helpful drawing tutorial.

cartoon men in a boat
flocabulary logo
The Curious Number Zero

Help young kids learn about the concept of zero in this clever hip-hop video. Then, use some snack foods to practice adding and subtracting.

Bowl of mac and cheese
DREME logo
Mac and Cheese Measurement

Focus on measurement while making some classic, crowd-pleasing mac and cheese.

Penguin Paths with Math

Help penguins migrate across glaciers with math. Practice percents, fractions, and more in this game. Play the estimation activity underneath to extend your learning.

Post-it Number Line

Create a fun number line using Post-its, and learn the relationship between one number and another.

Personal pizza
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Personal Pizzas and Number Play

Pair counting practice with pizza making in this recipe for individually sized pies.

Screenshot of website link
Storytime with a Side of Math

Click through this read-aloud that includes songs and math problems.

Number Jump

Get your wiggles out and jump from number to number as you count from one to 10.

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Blast Off

Use this Team Umizoomi video to kick off a countdown activity that'll get kids ready to blast into space.

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Sort and Count

Count, sort, classify, and order household objects by size, shape, color, and other attributes.

Odd or Even

Play this fun game and learn how to recognize even and odd numbers.

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Shape Hunt

Go around your home and take pictures of (or write down) everything you can find that's in the shape of a rectangle.

Base Ten Bingo

Try out this game that's great for number recognition and developing mental models for base ten numbers.

Can You Guess What's Next?

Observe patterns in this simple game where you'll recognize sounds and shapes, and pick the piece that's missing.

a tube with various shape cutouts on top
Homemade Shape Sorter

Keep your little one entertained with this DIY shape sorter. Better yet, have them help you build it with materials from around your home.

noggin logo
Hero Breathing Exercise

Practice the often overlooked but amazing power of breathing! Get moving, then slow down and focus on how you're feeling.

Animated girl and pig from website link
An Election!

Follow this read-along about an election between a little girl and a pig. Consider the importance of choosing a candidate and learn a little math.

Blueberry pancakes
DREME logo
Adding and Subtracting with Pancakes

Mix in some math alongside chocolate chips or fruit in this tasty pancake recipe for families.

Numbers, Shapes, and More!

Download this free app and explore early math concepts or an individualized learning path for so much more.

cartoon creature holding a heart-shaped balloon
Math Practice in a Role-Playing Universe

Become a math wizard in this arithmetic-focused adventure game.

Screenshot from Zearn's website
zearn logo
Get Zearning!

Zearn is an easy-to-set-up online math program. Students open up to a dashboard with their daily tasks scheduled, helping to structure their time.

Boy working on problem - Knowledge on the Go
great minds logo
Great Minds: Knowledge on the Go

Build knowledge with these high-quality, daily instructional video lessons for ELA (grades K–8) and math (grades K–12).

Pizza Fractions

Practice recognizing and reading fraction names for halves and quarters. You can even make your own!

Peg + Cat: The Election Problem

Listen to this interactive story and learn about greater than/less than problems.

Wide Open School's logo
Match the Number Snack Time

Group small snack items into different amounts up to 10. Match written numbers to the amounts. Eat some snacks, and match again!

flocabulary logo
Addition & Subtraction Challenge Rap: 0-10

Watch this music video to review and rap the basic math facts from 0-10. Follow up with vocabulary and skill-building activities.

Complete the Pattern

Look at the colorful shapes and decide what comes next. Drag and drop the next shape into place to complete the pattern.

mother and daughter using a calculator
mind in the making logo
Math Talk

Build early fluency in math by making it a part of your language and conversations with these tips.

Bowl of soup
DREME logo
Soup-Making Math

Start a conversation about length and measurement while you cook some simple vegetable soup.

sesame street characters
Sesame Street Games

Play with your favorite characters and explore lots of early learning concepts.

Math Skills

Choose a grade level and click on the numbers icon to get to the math games. Pick a skill that would be good to practice.

Cover art for the game titled Gate
Math Games Galore

Check out the games and choose one that provides practice on a familiar or new concept.

cartoon putting on a crown
Khan Academy logo
Learn at Your Pace

Mastery-focused missions set the pace for each student individually while continuous assessment gives parents valuable reporting on progress.

Daily Math Problem

At any time of day, use the daily math problem, presented at a variety of levels, to practice math skills and problem-solving.

Fuzz Bugs Patterns

Recognize and continue patterns by placing cute bugs in their place, and explore some other math games.

Create Mosaics With Shapes

Manipulate shapes and build spatial-awareness skills by moving shapes into position to create a larger picture.

rocks on the floor forming a shape
Rock Shape Tracing

Get outside for some prewriting practice using rocks or whatever else you can find near your home.

noggin logo

Use Noggin, a learning app from Nick Jr., that provides learning-based videos, games, and books with Nick Jr. characters.

Ace Math

Grab a deck of cards and play. With games like Order of Operations and Recreating Pi, who knew learning math could be so much fun?

Fraction Games

Practice fractions using this unique mix of problems with visual models and manipulatives.

Hour of Code: Coding Puzzles

Solve coding puzzles! Whether you're just beginning or have some coding chops already, there's something for everyone.