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Practice perseverance, communication, and curiosity with this collection of fun and free life skills games and activities.

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Mind in the Making

Get tips on activities for little kids that build life skills and get them thinking.

Figuring Out the Healthiest Foods

Watch this video and discover the "food calculator" you carry around with you every day. Use it to add more healthy foods to your diet.

sample recipe book
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Create a Recipe Book

Write and assemble a book of your original recipes, or of recipes you've collected from friends and family. Consider adding photos or illustrations.

Community Farms

Learn about Melvin Parson's community-based farming project, which he sees as a path to healthier communities and better futures, especially for formerly incarcerated people.

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Tie Knots

Explore the different types of knots. Which would come in handy? Use rope or shoelaces to teach yourself how to tie one or two knots.

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Sit Still

Give your kid a timer and challenge them to sit completely still for two minutes, five minutes, seven minutes. See how long they can do it!

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Visit Interland

Explore four islands in this game by Google that covers key digital citizenship topics like protecting privacy, sharing safely, and being kind online.

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Shapes and Mazes for Tracing

Practice motor skills with these shape-based tracing printables.

taking breaks from tech
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Pause for People

Make sure to take breaks from tech and focus on people. It's easy: Just pause, breathe, and finish up!

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Practice Manners

Spend some time behaving exquisitely. Say please and thank you. Cover your mouth when you cough. Ask a family member if they need help.

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Cooking Adventures

Join Issa and her mom, chef Aliya LeeKong, as you learn about cooking, nutrition, and culture. Downloadable activity sheets are included.

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Match and Sort

Find things your preschooler can organize. Match socks from the laundry, or put silverware in the right places. Sort different kinds of canned goods, too.

cartoon character and a cat in a bathtub
Bath Water Estimation Lesson

Splash along and make educated guesses about how much water will fit in Peg and Cat's bathtub. Then make it a bath night and try it yourself.

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Disappearing Dinner Table

Play a simple memory game with your dinner table and dishes, flatware, and anything else you want.

wash your hands
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Hand-Washing Review

Reinforce what most kids probably already know at this point—the utmost importance of hand-washing—with this fun hip-hop video.

learning contract sample
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Learning Contract

Complete this contract to commit to some learning goals for the week. Discuss it at the end of each week, and change as needed.

keeping a safe distance
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Practice Social Distancing

Use this AR app to get a true sense of what it means to practice social distancing, making an abstract idea more concrete.

child mopping the floors
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Floor Maintenance

Get those floors clean! Use a vacuum or broom to get every inch of a room's floor all spiffed up.

various fruits, veggies, and proteins
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What Makes Good Nutrition

Learn the six major nutrients in food, where they come from, and why our bodies need a healthy balance of each to survive and thrive.

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Make Popcorn

Learn how to make popcorn without a microwave. All you need are popcorn kernels, some oil, and salt for flavor. Have an adult help out.

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Try Something Hard

Think of something that isn't easy for you -- drawing a hand, braiding hair, multiplying by fours -- and practice it until you improve.

Cartoon characters telling time
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Clock Basics

Introduce kids to clocks -- both analog and digital -- and consider all the ways they're helpful. Also, learn some time-telling basics.

grandparent and grandchild spending quality time together
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Listen Carefully

Ask an adult a question about their past. Listen very carefully and don't interrupt. Then, ask another question related to what they just said.

Three cups of smoothies
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Smoothie Math

Get kids counting while cooking with this berry smoothie recipe that mixes in some math talk and teaching.

A family maintaining their garden
How Does Your Garden Grow?

Create a home garden in your yard or in a flower pot, using five easy-to-find items.

Cooking Together

Check out this easy recipe for veggie pizza. It's great for older siblings who want to lead this activity with their younger siblings.

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Cookies, Sharing, and Equal Groups

Turn cookie making into an opportunity to discuss and practice sharing, counting, and creating equal amounts.

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Clean-Up Song

Sing this Laurie Berkner clean-up song while you encourage your little one to put away toys and help with other messes.

motivating yourself and having self-confidence
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Practice Self-Care and Compassion

Help kids decrease stress and boost happiness, especially during these trying times. Use this video to introduce the concept of self-compassion.

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Focus on Focus

Try out some of these tips and strategies for building attention span, focus, and self-control.

Animated 100-dollar bills
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Making Money Make "Cents"

Help kids learn the values of different types of American currency, from coins to bills.

Pizza-Tossing Tournament!

Learn from champion pizza chef Tony Gemignani in this somewhat old, yet informative video. Watch Tony teach the basics; then try tossing your own pizza.

Colorful Coping

Print out one of these fun and reassuring coloring books that'll help kids understand this strange and stressful time.

Daniel Tiger choosing a feeling card
Guess the Feeling

Join Daniel Tiger to learn about types of feelings and how to identify them.

Parfaits All Day

Make these fancy snacks with a little help from an adult. Just layer the ingredients in the fanciest glass you have, and dig in.

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Boo-Boos and Band-Aid History

Learn about Earle Dickson, the inventor of Band Aids. Then, make some your own to help your stuffed animals or dolls.

Daniel Tiger expressing his feelings to an adult
Use Your Words

Play through this series of activities -- including videos and songs -- that'll help you learn how to process and talk about feelings.

various fruit and veggies
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Healthy Eating Habits

Encourage more mindful eating with these tips and activities for reflecting on food choices and making healthy food fun.

Bowl of mac and cheese
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Mac and Cheese Measurement

Focus on measurement while making some classic, crowd-pleasing mac and cheese.

Food Prep Friday!

Make Friday extra fun by choosing from a variety of food prep ideas for making a healthy snack.

Personal pizza
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Personal Pizzas and Number Play

Pair counting practice with pizza making in this recipe for individually sized pies.

Share the Fun of Food and Cooking (Weekly)

Dig into this newsletter for food fanatics. In this edition about tomatoes, you'll find recipes, facts, activities, and more.

Dress for the Weather

Play this interactive getting-dressed game to learn which items are appropriate to wear in all kinds of weather.

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Write a Thank-You Note

Write a short thank-you note to someone who did something nice for you this week. Be sure to include a picture!

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Get Sudsy

Watch this cute Bubble Guppies video to learn how to keep your hands clean, then try out one of the activities with a family member.

how to address an envelope
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Address an Envelope

Learn the steps of this important skill. Then, write a letter to friends or family—they'll be delighted to get it in the mail.

Let's Take a Trip!

Explore town in a fun, interactive game that helps with hand-eye coordination and mouse manipulation skills.

Cooking Up Culture

Choose from a variety of recipes from around the world. Then explore some tasty traditions from different cultures.

creating your own menu
Make A Menu

Let your kid(s) be the chef. Use this printable template or a blank piece of paper to get your kids planning today's lunch menu.

Blueberry pancakes
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Adding and Subtracting with Pancakes

Mix in some math alongside chocolate chips or fruit in this tasty pancake recipe for families.

Drinks All Around!

Use this flexible recipe to make sparkling beverages for the whole family. If you don't have one ingredient, substitute something similar.

Nuts About Nutrition

Download eBooks in English or Spanish to listen, follow along, and learn about different food groups.

pause and think online
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Pause and Think Online

From our head down to our toes, and our feet up to our nose, the Digital Citizens teach students how to be safe, responsible, and respectful online.

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Help Out

Ask an adult how you can help for 15 minutes. Or set a timer and find something to clean, wipe, or put away until the alarm sounds.

Wash Your Hands

Join Cartoon Network for a fun way to wash your hands and keep everyone around your healthy.

a child cooking
Facebook Live Cooking Classes for Kids

Spend some quality family time together leveling up your chef skills by joining a virtual cooking class or watching the recording.

learning how to set the dinner table
Learn to Set the Table

Kids 5 and up can learn this basic chore—giving you one less thing to worry about at mealtime.

Bowl of soup
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Soup-Making Math

Start a conversation about length and measurement while you cook some simple vegetable soup.

Balance is Important
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Media Balance is Important

With this fun video, your kids will learn when and why it is important to take breaks from device time

Type. Type. Type.

Use this free, standout typing program to learn, practice, and vastly improve your typing speed and accuracy.

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Digital Passport

Explore some of the different elements of digital citizenship through these games. Pick one and play!

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Keyboard Quickness

Build keyboarding skills by choosing and playing one of the typing games.

Clean Up Song

Clean up your space while listening to this fun song.

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Help Kids Stay Motivated

Setting goals gives kids something to work toward. But as they move forward, it’s important to help them look back at what they’ve already achieved—including small steps they may not even have realized were accomplishments.

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Shoetying Made Easy

Make tying shoes easy with the simple tutorial.

Wash your hands

Everyone is talking about the importance of washing your hands. This bilingual song with Pin Pon can help make the process a memorable one.

Cut it Out

Go low-tech and let kids build critical fine motor skills by having kids cut out shapes and color them.

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Essential Digital Citizenship Lessons for the Coronavirus Epidemic

Support the transition to virtual learning and help students think critically and compassionately about what they see online.

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Meet Someone

Practice meeting a new person with stuffed animals. Look in their eyes. Say, "Hello, my name is ... ," and then say, "Nice to meet you."