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Get moving at home with fun physical activities. These free online and offline active games and workouts for kids can burn off energy and help keep kids healthy.

Cheesy Game for Groups

Pick someone to be the "Big Cheese," then follow the instructions in this video to learn a goofy game.

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¡Huesos! Find Out More About Your Bones

¡Mueve tu cuerpo y aprende sobre los huesos!

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Crack the Code

Have a friend or family member play your robot. Choose a goal, like getting a glass of water. Tell your robot what to do one step at a time. Then switch!

Show Off Your Outfit and Your Moves

Imagine you're a model: Create a walk, strut, or stroll that shows off your clothes.

Touch Your Head, Arms, and Toes

Move—and count—along with this catchy song.

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Wrap Around the World

Use a basketball or another object and see how many times you can pass it around your waist without it touching your body.

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Fast Feet Tennis Drill

Practice your speed and agility as you dodge imaginary tennis balls.

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Silly Walk

Make up a silly walk and use it while you wander around your neighborhood or house.

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Clapping Out Words

Use this upbeat dance to learn how words are broken down into syllables.

Don't Touch the Floor

Use small "stepping stone" objects from around your house and try to cross an imaginary field of lava without losing your balance.

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Bubble Break

Reach up, down, left, and right to pop imaginary bubbles along to this catchy tune.

A Twist on Hide-and-Seek

Hide an object in plain sight, then have your family members look for it. When they find it, listen for the silly catchphrase.

Minute Movements

Set a timer and do each of these exercises for one minute. Still energized? Repeat as many times as you want.

Shake It Out

Count down from five for this quick, easy stretch break.

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Take a walk and practice using more than just your ears to listen. Use this activity to increase your kids' attention and sensory skills.

Up, Down, Stop, Go

Follow the leader in this simple game that gets everyone moving.

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Spaghetti Dance

Turn on some music and pretend like your body is as wiggly as a noodle.

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Move Like Animals

Find a smooth floor and act out these different animal movements with your preschooler, such as inching like a caterpillar or crawling like a puppy.

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Human Race Car

Clear and mark a track in, around, or near your home, then time how fast your child can run around it. Race car sounds encouraged!

Freeze Dance

Dance, hop, and skip to the music ... until they say, "Freeze!"

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Tumble Time

Find a soft, safe spot and have your little one practice somersaults. If they can, try two in a row.

Step Back and Play

Toss a ball around a circle. Every time it makes it back to the beginning, take one step back and start again.

Dance Along

Follow along with the dance move instructions in this crowd-pleasing song for a fun break. Don't stop moving for the whole thing!

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Jack of All Jumps

See if you can do 100 jumping jacks in a row by starting with 10 and adding 10 more each day.

Work Out Like an Avenger

Train like a superhero with these kickboxing exercises inspired by the popular Marvel characters.

Work Out Like a Jedi

Use the force of your muscles to do these Star Wars-character-inspired exercises.

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Yoga for Littles

Channel your inner superhero with these powerful yoga exercises that get little ones moving.

Silly Bean Game

Watch these short instructions on how to play the game Beans on Toast. See how many new "bean" rules you can come up with.

Get Moving with Langston Galloway

Join Detroit Pistons' Langston Galloway and teacher Ms. Jourieh for an at-home workout. Watch until the end for a poem from Langston's namesake.

Catching Paper Snowflakes

Toss paper confetti into the air and see how many pieces you can catch before they hit the ground.

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Choose Some Fun Fitness

Select an age and choose a skill to find a fun physical activity to practice.

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DIY Exercise Routine

String together several videos or use a workout card to design a routine for every age and fitness level.

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Change Up Your Walk

Take a walk along a different route from your normal one (or start in the opposite direction). See if you notice anything new.

Toss and Think

Use your brain and your body in this game of concentration. All you need is a ball or something to toss.

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Disney Movie Workout

Use these guides that give you exercises to do at different points in certain Disney films. Don't see your favorite? Make your own!

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Math and Movement

Choose one of the activities to get moving and learn math at the same time. Play pretend, or hopscotch your way to learning new skills!

Red Means Stop, Green Means Go

Pick a leader. When they say, "Green light," walk or run in place. When they say, "Yellow light," tiptoe. When they say, "Red light," stop!

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Bye, Bye, Bye

Get in your time machine and press "2000," then prepare to relive your youth and dance your heart out to this stellar NSYNC song!

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Rhyme Time Challenge

Rhyme and bounce to get your mind and body charged up for the day.

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Get Your Wiggles Out

Decide how many "wiggles" you have in your body, then dance, run, or shake for that many seconds until they're all out.

Stretch and Spell

Spell the word "coconut" with your body for a fun, quick stretch. What other words can you spell with your arms and legs?

Eight-Count Exercise

Count to eight for each step of this hand-walking exercise that's great for core strength.

Play, Pause, Fast-Forward, Rewind

Hand someone a real (or pretend) remote, then have them call out the standard DVD player functions to start, stop, or speed up your actions.

Home Workout with Jerome Williams

Wide Open School Exclusive: Get court-ready with NBA legend Jerome Williams in this workout series covering fundamentals from jumping jacks to burpees.

The Triangle Dance

Get in on the latest dance craze: the Triangle Dance!

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Toe Time Challenge

Touch your toes to get yourself warmed up and ready to go. How many toe touches can you do this week?

Got Chalk? Got Games!

Use some chalk to create eight different games that'll get you hopping, skipping, throwing, jumping, and more.

Boom Chicka Boom

This song and dance will boom-chicka-rock your socks off!

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Jumping Jack Challenge

How many jumping jacks can you do in one minute?

Touch the Color

Listen for a color and body part (like "red elbow") from the leader, then rush to place that body part on an object of that color.

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Unicorn Noodles in Español

¡Listo para despegar en tres, dos, uno! Blast off into space and learn the order of the planets with this upbeat dance video!

Animal Sounds Obstacle Course

Grab your stuffed animals and create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course, making the correct animal sound as you reach each one.

Movement Activities for Kids

Choose from this list of outdoor activities that'll get minds and bodies moving.

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Time to Stretch!

Sing and move along to a popular children's song with friends Tobee and Caitie.

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¡Llénate de buena energía con GoNoodle ahora en español! Move, groove, and merequete with this silly and tricky Spanish video!

Learn a Dance

Build self-esteem by learning some simple dance choreography.

Mason Plumlee Gets Moving

Wide Open School Exclusive:
NBA Denver Nuggets player Mason Plumlee shares his stuck-at-home workout, plus some fun games you can set up with ordinary household items.

Hide from the Museum Guard

Move, wiggle, and dance while pretending to be a museum artifact. But make sure to freeze when the security guard is looking.

healthy music for a child's heart, body, and mind
Movement Breaks

Make a playlist, or sprinkle these interactive videos throughout the day for movement breaks.

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Box-It Ball

Create your own version of of basketball: "box-it" ball.

Family Playtime

How many claps can you reach? After you learn how to play Popcorn, record your family playing and share the video with challenge friends to play along!

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Hot Lava!

Move around the room without touching the floor. Step on chairs, pillows, blankets, but not the hot lava!

Bear, Crab, and Froggy Fun

Work through all 12 of these fun movements, from bear walk to superhero pose. Stretch up, crouch down, and strike a pose!

Hold a Mini Sports Day

Set up and try out this mini-sports day course with egg and spoon races, relay races, sack races, obstacle courses, and more.

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Turn Left, Turn Right

Get your heart rate up with this simple and fun routine from Zumba Kids!

North, South, East, West

Practice your cardinal directions while you hop around with this simple game.

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Walk Like A …

Challenge your family members to walk like their favorite animals. Video chat with a friend or family member and watch them waddling, galloping, and stampeding too!

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Move With a Moose

Take a break and move your body to this moose-themed song and dance. Want to keep dancing? Check out the other Moose Tube videos!

Be a Butterfly

Break out of your cocoon and spread your wings as you learn some simple poses and stretches.

hosts of Play60
Follow the Athletes!

Do the Play60 Warm Up as you follow along with real-life athletes! Touch your toes, rotate your arms, and kick your legs to use your whole body.

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Clap, Stomp, Jump

Get moving with Zoe and Eric in this fun dance routine.

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Invent a Game

Gather objects from around the house and put them in a pile. Use this worksheet to help instruct kids how to make their own game.

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Cookie Boogie

Sweeten your morning and dance, jog, wiggle, or shake to this yummy song!

three kid dancers
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Even if you don't want to jump, the Mac Dad, the Daddy Mac, and Kris Kross will make you jump to this fly song!

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Hip Hop Patterns

Dance and learn about patterns at the same time with this catchy rap.

Move and Freeze

Dance around and then stop to shake out the wiggles and practice listening skills.

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Fresh Prince Theme Song

Sing and dance along to this story all about how the Fresh Prince's life got flip-turned upside down!

Kidz Bop

Dance along as the Kidz Bop crew shows you the steps and gets your blood pumping.

Family doing sit-ups together
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Sit-Up Competition

Challenge friends or family members to see who can do the most sit-ups in one minute. Best two out of three wins.

I See, I See

Get creative with this follow-the-leader improv game.

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Lunch Dance

Before you make lunch, take a break, have some fun, and start off with this super-fresh dance video!

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Play at Home Playbook

Printable playbook of games that follow CDC guidelines and can be played at home with little to no equipment.

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Use chalk, tape, or other materials to jump into some old-school hopscotch for indoor or outdoor fun.

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Banana Banana Meatball

Sing, dance, and practice patterns with this super-funky Blazer Fresh song.

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Dance Party!

Listen to your favorite kid-friendly playlist, and bust a move!

bring it down
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Bring it Down

Learn how to gain control of your stressful energy with this calming mindfulness exercise.

Rock Paper Scissors Stretch

See who can stretch the farthest with this modified rock, paper, scissors game.

workout with Madison Keys
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Move like a Champ

Get active with this jump, squat, and turn around routine with tennis champ Madison Keys!

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Obstacle Course

Set up a simple, safe obstacle course inside or in the yard, and do time trials to see how fast you can go.

Singing in the Rain

Dance between the drops and sing along as you move your body to the music.

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Blazer Fresh

Get an after-lunch boost with Blazer Fresh or another GoNoodle favorite.

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Mighty Moves

Jump, lift and practice your super strengths.

Simple Stretches

Get ready for your day with these arm and leg stretches.

Imaginary Recess

Use your imagination to have pretend recess with sports, playground games, and pirate adventures from your house.

Make a Shape

Follow along and use your body to make different shapes. Can you come up with some of your own?

dancer doing the zumba
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Zumba Kids Beat Go Pop

Raise your heart rate with Zumba for kids! The whole family can enjoy this short workout together.