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This collection of videos, games, books, and activities will help kids build inner strength, navigate difficult feelings, and stay connected with friends and family.

being responsible for yourself
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Rings of Responsibility

Good digital citizenship means being responsible and making sure that your actions impact others positively.

Create a Garden in Your Mind

Take some time to relax, breathe, and imagine a garden in your mind with Ms. Dana.

child writing a letter
Essential Words: Letters of Gratitude to Essential Workers

Write a meaningful letter of thanks to essential workers that returns their acts of service and kindness.

Grand Canyon Trek

Chill out on this awe-inspiring (and long!) Grand Canyon hike featuring great footage and vibes. If you're up for it, walk along with the video!

people of various ethnic background
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Talking About Race

Use the resources in this toolkit to reflect on race, power, and privilege and to have constructive, equity-oriented conversations within your family, community, and classroom.

We're Different, We're the Same

Listen as Gordon reads a book about how people might look different from each other, but also have lots of similarities.

making your own reward
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Create an Award for Yourself

What's something special about you? What makes you great? It could be anything! Design an award for that thing, and write up the recognition letter.

cartoon monster having options
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Breath Before Action

Learn how to take a deep breath before taking action with this free app.

your role model responding to your letter
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Your Hero Writes You a Response Letter

Imagine your hero responded to a letter you wrote them. What might they say?

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Focus on Your Relationship

Connecting with your kid is more important than any assignment. Make time for it, and learning will be easier.

It's Never Too Early to Talk About Justice

Listen to this story about racial inequities told in a way that's easy to understand and encourages action.

cartoon children
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Well-Beings: Wellness for Kids

Download this free app to access lots of off-screen activities and become mindful of your mood.

Sesame Street character
Take a Deep Breath

Pratice belly breathing with Rosita to help calm yourself down, and learn some new words to describe how you're feeling.

a sample of identifying strengths
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Identifying Strengths

Color and create a paper chain where each link represents a personal strength. Add more throughout the year.

taking breaks from tech
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Pause for People

Make sure to take breaks from tech and focus on people. It's easy: Just pause, breathe, and finish up!

family and friends having fun at a park
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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Take a walk and practice using more than just your ears to listen. Use this activity to increase your kids' attention and sensory skills.

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Draw Your Feelings

Find some markers and paper and turn your emotions into art. What color is joy? Sadness? Boredom? Love?

relieving stress and relaxing
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Simple Stress Busters

Try out one of these simple activities to de-stress, release tension, and relax.

writing a letter pretending to be the teen version of that person
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Write a Letter to a Loved One in the Past

Think of an adult who's special to you. Write a letter to a teenage version of them.

screenshot from e-book
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Family Members Help Each Other

Read this sweet ebook about some grandchildren who want to help their grandmother find her courage.

learning contract sample
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Learning Contract

Complete this contract to commit to some learning goals for the week. Discuss it at the end of each week, and change as needed.

people working together
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In It Together

Read about efforts in four countries to keep people healthy during the pandemic. What can you do to help lift people's spirits?

a child demonstrating different emotions
Body Language and Feelings Charades

Help kids learn to use more than their words with this easy-to-play activity.

A cartoon version of George Washington Carver
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George Washington Carver's Innovations

Learn about Carver's life, challenges he faced, and his accomplishments as an inventor and innovator. Then, consider how his ideas changed life for us all today.

Accomplishments box instructions
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Make an Accomplishments Box

Turn a tissue box into an accomplishments archive. Decorate the box and use the printable to make paper strips to slip into it.

Rebel Girls podcast cover title
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Inspiring Stories About Pathbreaking Women

Listen to these absorbing, 20-minute tales of remarkable women who have shaped our world.

digital image of people of various ethnic backgrounds
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What Is Race?

Help kids consider how race is defined, then hear a handful of people share their experiences related to race from when they were growing up.

Screenshot of its PDF document
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What Can I Say Instead?

Complete this worksheet to rethink and reframe the things you say when struggling. Do you think changing the way you speak shapes your thinking?

Teacher and students in front of a high school
The Power of a Letter

Read about a teacher who wrote encouraging letters to students. Then take the quiz, review the power words, and write about why the letters meant so much.

Offline program
Letters of Appreciation

Practice your writing skills and say thank you to your favorite teacher by writing them a note and drawing a picture.

Cartoon version of Benjamin Franklin
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Benjamin Franklin's Curiosity

Introduce kids to the curiosity that led to Franklin's many successes. Afterward, help kids consider how their own curiosity could improve the lives of others.

encouragement jar
Encouragement Jar

Give kids' self-esteem a boost with daily encouragements with this clever, DIY project.

Mother and daughter hugging
Appreciating the Small Things

Thinking about your mother or another caregiver, identify some of the everyday ways that person shows you love. Show your appreciation with a note or hug.

motivating yourself and having self-confidence
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Practice Self-Care and Compassion

Help kids decrease stress and boost happiness, especially during these trying times. Use this video to introduce the concept of self-compassion.

parent and child doing a puzzle together
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Focus on Focus

Try out some of these tips and strategies for building attention span, focus, and self-control.

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Heroes in Our Community

Play this game to think about the people in our communities that help us every day, from doctors to police officers to mail carriers.

How to Draw Health Heroes: Doctors and Nurse

Learn how to draw a doctor or nurse. Parents, you could even challenge your little artists to turn their drawing into a thank-you card!

how to manage frustration
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Managing Frustration

Help young kids cope with their everyday frustrations. Watch this short rap video, then have a conversation about strategies to move past what frustrates us.

Daniel Tiger choosing a feeling card
Guess the Feeling

Join Daniel Tiger to learn about types of feelings and how to identify them.

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Just Breathe

End the day with deep, calming breaths.

Samples of common phrases
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Grow Your Language

How does what we say shape our mindset toward learning? Cut out these common phrases and sort them on the worksheet to start a discussion.

Daniel Tiger expressing his feelings to an adult
Use Your Words

Play through this series of activities -- including videos and songs -- that'll help you learn how to process and talk about feelings.

Gratitude and Happiness

Take a moment out of your day to consider the role of gratitude in our lives.

appreciating and being thankful for our service workers
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Community Hero Story

Make up a story about someone who's a hero in your community.

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Let's Make a Deal

Brainstorm ideas on how to compromise when you and someone else want different things.

How Do You Feel Today?

Create a "feel wheel" to express emotions without saying a word.

Attention, Please!

Choose from some easy and familiar games, like Simon says or red light, green light, and practice being a good listener.

Appreciation Cards Craft

Help your child talk about appreciation by making cards for the special people in their life.

analyzing your feelings about technology
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How Does Technology Make You Feel?

Learn a short poem to help you reflect upon the various feelings you can experience when using technology.

take on the day
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Take on the Day

Start the day by harnessing energy and focus with this energizing breathing video!

Arthur and his friends at school
Building Empathy: Laughing with or at Friends

Follow along with this story about Arthur. Is he laughing with his friends or at them? Think about the line between playing and bullying.

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Hero Breathing Exercise

Practice the often overlooked but amazing power of breathing! Get moving, then slow down and focus on how you're feeling.

Create a Calm-Down Jar

Follow instructions to create a sensory experience to shake up and watch settle while breathing deeply. Find a glitter version if you want some sparkle!

Arthur addressing a letter to his friend Adil in Istanbul
Learning Cultures, Challenging Assumptions

Join Arthur as he learns about his pen pal from another country. What assumptions does Arthur have about his pen pal, and how does he challenge them?

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Build a Tree of Thanks

Make a simple tree of thanks together, and bolster your family’s gratitude practice—maybe even start a new family tradition!

Printable Coloring Pages

Free coloring pages by different artists. Scroll down to find the sheets.

be the pond
Zen Den

These videos, for kids age 5-8, are great for introducing mindfulness and calm.

Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend

Use your library card for access, and then watch Scaredy Squirrel get over his fear of making friends. Talk about some ways to get past fears.

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I Spy With My Little iPhone/Digital Camera

Head into nature, where the objects and forces to identify, categorize, and photograph are wonderful and virtually endless.

internet traffic light
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The Internet Traffic Light

Watch this video to learn how to keep yourself on the internet, whether you're learning, playing, or exploring.

Why I can do this notes
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You Can Do This

Fill out this worksheet to think through how to get from "I can't" to "I can try."

Balance is Important
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Media Balance is Important

With this fun video, your kids will learn when and why it is important to take breaks from device time

Yoga with Adriene

Put mindfulness in action as you tune into your body and do some breathing and stretching.

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Silly Street Learn & Play

Up to six players can join this character-building game that focuses on empathy, curiosity, adaptability, and more.

father and daughter
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Essential Digital Citizenship Lessons for the Coronavirus Epidemic

Support the transition to virtual learning and help students think critically and compassionately about what they see online.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Stretch, learn kid-friendly poses, and practice mindfulness for energetic or calm activity.

Daniel Tiger Stories

Listen to Daniel read stories aloud, and learn important social-emotional skills along the way.

Mission Mindfulness

An app with guided meditations, movement activities, and emotion-tracking tools for parents and children to engage with together.

a teacher writing notes
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Tips for Teachers with Anxiety

How can teachers with anxiety help calm students during the coronavirus pandemic? See the strategies an Understood teacher fellow uses to manage her emotions.

learning about others' emotions
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Social-Emotional Learning

Choose three videos, watch them, and write down the main idea from each one to share with someone else.

cartoon characters from its lesson activity
Every Day Mindfulness

Using the free login, watch the video about mindfulness and take the quiz or do the worksheet. Then, think of some ways to work mindfulness into every day.

an adult and kid lying down on grass with headphones on
How Were You Kind Today?

A podcast where we use our imaginations to talk about the things that matter, with the people who matter most.

cartoon yeti
Get Your Mind Ready

A library of research-based guided mindfulness sessions that help kids and their adults calm their minds, focus their attention, and connect to the world around them. Created by nonprofit Committee for Children.

Offline program
Reach Out and Connect

Wave to your neighbors. Write a letter. Make a call. Schedule some special time with a friend or family member.

Daniel Tiger
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Watch an episode and talk about how the characters were feeling. When have those feelings come up in real life?

Meditation for Kids

Guided meditations and mindfulness games designed to help kids calm themselves, focus, practice kindness, fall asleep, and wake up.

2 children looking out window
How to Talk to Kids

Practical advice on how to promote your child's emotional health at home and communicate with them about the pandemic in an age-appropriate way.

Get Help if Someone in Your Home is Making you Unsafe

Around the clock, confidential support for anyone experiencing domestic violence or seeking resources and information. Help is available in Spanish and other languages.

Crisis Text Line
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Get Immediate Crisis Support

Crisis Text Line is free, 24/7 support for those in crisis via text and webchat. Text SCHOOL to 741741 from anywhere in the US to speak with a trained Crisis Counselor.