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Encourage learning and creativity at home with art projects for younger kids. These free online and offline art and craft projects can be fun for the whole family.

Offline program
Book by Mail

Use paper, scissors, glue, a stapler, etc. and write a book for a family member. Then send it to them in the mail.

picture of a sculpture in the Vatican
Musei Vaticani logo
Visit the Vatican

Wander the richly decorated halls of this unique holy city-state—completely free of crowds!

Create a Stage for a Play

Learn the basics behind theatrical staging, then dream up a play or performance and create a model stage for it.

Julie Andrews and two puppets watching a show
Common Sense Media logo
Julie's Green Room

Watch Julie Andrews lead a class for a diverse group of kids (represented by Jim Henson puppets) accompanied by a host of celebrities to learn about performing arts and much more.

a kid doing arts and crafts
Wide Open School's logo
Create Your Own Country, City, or Neighborhood

On a large piece of cardboard, draw the landmasses, roads, skyscrapers, and more to make up your imaginary place. Add toys or household items to make it 3D!

Figuring Out the Healthiest Foods

Watch this video and discover the "food calculator" you carry around with you every day. Use it to add more healthy foods to your diet.

making your own reward
Library of Congress logo
Create an Award for Yourself

What's something special about you? What makes you great? It could be anything! Design an award for that thing, and write up the recognition letter.

pictures of different places around the world
Explore a Country Through Art and History

Choose a country, read about it, and then explore the art and images that help define it. (Note: There are a few paintings with nudity.)

drawing of a family
Common Sense Media logo
Be a Movie Critic

Watch a movie (or show) of your choice. Sign up for a free Common Sense Media account, search for the title you watched, and write a review to share your thoughts.

drawing of a tooth holding a toothbrush
Wide Open School's logo
Think Like a Computer

To practice computational thinking, create a set of picture cards that show every step of a task. For example, what steps do you take to brush your teeth?

cartoon caterpillar
Common Sense Media logo
Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

Download this free app that'll teach you the basic concepts behind coding as you guide a caterpillar through puzzles.

abstract art
teachrock logo
Drawing to Music

Learn about synesthesia and how it influences musicians and artists. Then put some music on, get inspired, and draw.

sample recipe book
el education logo
Create a Recipe Book

Write and assemble a book of your original recipes, or of recipes you've collected from friends and family. Consider adding photos or illustrations.

hello ruby logo
Decode Secret Messages

Craft a device you can use to write and reveal secret coded messages.

sticks forming a star
el education logo
Make Art from Nature

Get outside and gather rocks, leaves, sticks, dirt, or whatever you can find that seems cool. Arrange it to make an original work of art.

abstract art
hello ruby logo
What Does the Internet Look Like?

Imagine and draw what you think the internet looks like. Then discuss which qualities your dream internet would have.

a drawn butterfly
Magic Mirror Symmetry

Use this tool to create mirror-image art, and then see if you can recreate it on paper.

elmo going up a bean stalk
Collect the Magic Beans

Bounce up the beanstalk with Elmo to collect specific colors of magic beans.

cartoon children
Common Sense Media logo
Well-Beings: Wellness for Kids

Download this free app to access lots of off-screen activities and become mindful of your mood.

Show Off Your Outfit and Your Moves

Imagine you're a model: Create a walk, strut, or stroll that shows off your clothes.

cutouts to make a paper computer
hello ruby logo
Build a Paper Computer

Learn about the different parts of a computer with a fun maze activity and a cut-and-paste craft where you put all the computer parts together.

picture of August Savage
new york historical society logo
Augusta Savage: Harlem Renaissance Artist

Learn about the extraordinary life, achievements, and art of sculptor and gallerist Augusta Savage, who was a key part of the Harlem Renaissance.

video title screen
transcendence theatre company logo
A Truly Creative Curriculum

Move and create along with these high-energy video lessons that are sure to tap into your inner artist, writer, and performer.

homemade parking structure made out of cardboard
Cardboard Parking Garage

Use stuff from around your home to create a parking garage; improvise and get creative if you don't have every material.

homemade treasure hunt map
el education logo
Design a Treasure Hunt

Make a treasure hunt for a family member in your home, your yard, or a nearby park. Stash cryptic clues to guide the hunter.

old toilet paper rolls made into art
Toilet Paper Roll Maracas

Get shaking with this DIY maraca-making activity. Then rattle and TP-roll along with some of your favorite tunes.

Make a Bird Feeder

Make a bird feeder with just some twine and an orange peel. Observe the birds that stop by and try to identify them.

Offline program
Rhyming Pictures

Think of the longest list of rhyming words you can. Then draw each of the words. Have a family member guess the rhyme.

homemade paper dolls
Paper Doll Emotions

Explore different emotions—and how they change—with these easy-to-make paper dolls.

drawing of a girl
el education logo
Create a Character Profile

Imagine a fictional, yet realistic, person. Write a profile of their life, including traits like physical appearance and personality. Describe their family, school, job, and more.

Four Notes That Changed Music with Ezinma

Watch as violinist Ezinma honors the history and legacy of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony—and its famous four notes—in this awesome modern take.

Offline program
Squiggle Art

Draw a squiggly line on paper. Trade papers with another person. Using their squiggle, see what image you can create.

homemade house for bugs
Build a Bug Hotel

Cobble together a funky little living space for all kinds of creepy crawlies. Put it outside and see who moves in.

How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog

Draw Sonic the Hedgehog in this easy-to-follow tutorial. Just grab a pen, a marker, a crayon, and some paper. Color it in when you're finished.

screenshot from website
Family Fun: Music and Dance

Explore this vast and vibrant collection of virtual tours all about how music and dance shape our world.

novelist jerry craft
time for kids logo
8 Questions for Jerry Craft

Read about how graphic novelist Jerry Craft discovered comics and why he wrote his Newbery Award-winning book New Kid.

How to Draw How to Train Your Dragon's Toothless

Draw a cute cartoon version of Toothless from DreamWorks' How to Train Your Dragon. Color it, and display it when you're finished.

two origami boxes
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation logo
Origami Boxes

Learn the Japanese art of paper folding and make your very own origami box. Decorate the paper before folding to add a personal touch!

Skateboard Spirograph

Grab a skateboard (or exercise ball, etc.), some giant paper, markers, and a friend to make a masterpiece on wheels.

editing a picture of a dog
Common Sense Media logo
Explore the World, Tell a Story

Use this free, bilingual app in a wide variety of ways, including telling stories, learning vocabulary, and using creativity.

z is for zebra
el education logo
Make an Alphabet Poster

Create an original illustrated alphabet poster (or 26 individual letter pages) to display in your home.

screenshot from website's music graph
Music Maker

Use this fun interactive to learn about the numbers 0 through 10, and make some music along the way.

Marvel at the Magnificent Night Sky

Join Caitie in her classroom for some songs, crafts, counting, and more! It's all focused on the sparkling magnificence of the night sky.

cartoon lego people
lego education logo
Building Cards

Use these cards to inspire Duplo builds that support hands-on learning, storytelling, and role-playing. No specific sets needed.

kid's drawing of a house blueprint
el education logo
Dream and Design

Design blueprints for your fantasy bedroom or house.

Drawing Cute Ice Cream

Learn some ice cream cone-cartoon basics. Then personalize your cones to make them as cute—or as funny—as you'd like!

Make and Animate a Minion

Learn how to draw and animate a minion with only a marker and a piece of paper. Pause the video as needed.

Create a Pop-Up Landscape

Turn flat pieces of paper into a 3D landscape with some glue, scissors, and crayons.

animated animals dancing
Hour of Code

Try these engaging, one-hour introductory computer science tutorials, appropriate for all ages. There are hundreds of activities and tutorials in over 45 languages.

decorative water jar
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation logo
Water Cycle in a Jar

Create and witness the water cycle in a personally designed glass jar.

Make a Coin Disappear

Learn to make, and perform, an easy coin-disappearing trick. Afterward, see if you can create a different trick with stuff around your house!

draw with drew and rosie promo pic
time for kids logo
Draw with Drew (and Rosie)

Draw along with Drew and his special guest, fourth grader Rosie. Their helpful tips and silly banter are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

sample image of coding
Quick Coding Course

Learn the fundamentals of computer science with drag-and-drop blocks. Create your own drawings and games.

Offline program
Creature Feature

Draw pictures of your favorite animals, real or imaginary, and talk about their habitat -- the place they live.

animated snail
Quick Coding Course for Pre-Readers

Learn the fundamentals of computer science with drag-and-drop blocks. Create your own drawings and games.

drawn out idea
el education logo
Helpful Invention

Dream up an invention you think could help make people's lives better. Design it, then build it. Check out the two examples for inspiration.

A computer on a scooter
flocabulary logo
Learn to Rhyme

Learn how rhyming works from the experts! This clever rap video not only explains rhyming -- it gives kids a chance to make their own.

A kid enjoying nature
Nature Notebook

Hunt for natural items and draw what you see in a notebook. You'll be surprised at how much you find, even staying close to home!

Make a Unique Envelope to Send to Someone

Craft a quirky and unique envelope using some simple supplies. Pack it with a letter and other fun stuff, then send it to someone.

Man holding a guitar who's part of a mariachi band
FluentU logo
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Read about the history behind Cinco de Mayo and try some of the activities, crafts, and recipes to celebrate.

Learn to Cartoon

Follow along with professional cartoonist Joe Wos as he shows you how to draw a cartoon scene.

Alphabet Jam

Practice learning the alphabet by singing along to a fun and friendly tune! Lyrics included to help with reading.

Cartoon girl presenting her artwork
Symmetry Painting

Create your own perfectly symmetrical work of art by painting on one side and seeing your creation mirrored on the other.

encouragement jar
Encouragement Jar

Give kids' self-esteem a boost with daily encouragements with this clever, DIY project.

Helicopter cutouts
Homemade Helicopters

Use this DIY helicopter-building activity to promote kids' design thinking. Can you make the copter twirl faster? Fly farther?

Draw a Bat—Fast!

Spread your creative, creepy wings and draw a bat. Why? Because bats are cool.

Brushes made with branches and leaves
DIY Nature Brush

Go out into your yard and collect any cool plants, leaves, and twigs you find. Then use what you've collected to create a paintbrush.

tinkergarten logo
Nature Curtain Decorations

Find, and look more closely at, nature's amazing objects as you create your own natural decorations.

Eco-Friendly Sneaker

Can you design and build a sneaker that's environmentally friendly? As you work, consider the effects of the materials you're using.

How to Draw a Car

Using a rectangle and a circle, young artists learn to draw a car.

Colorful Coping

Print out one of these fun and reassuring coloring books that'll help kids understand this strange and stressful time.

noggin logo
Dreaming of Ice Cream

Learn about Nancy Johnson, the inventor of the ice cream churn. Then try making your own pretend and real ice cream!

How to Draw Health Heroes: Doctors and Nurse

Learn how to draw a doctor or nurse. Parents, you could even challenge your little artists to turn their drawing into a thank-you card!

Music in a Bottle

Make your own music using glass bottles filled with water.

tinkergarten logo
Wild Music Time

Allow kids to simply play with, and discover, sounds in their own way. Use this activity to help kids develop creativity and problem-solving skills.

How to Draw a Guinea Pig

Fuzzy, cute, and lovable—learn how draw a guinea pig.

Start a Rubber Band Band

Learn to build your own rubber band guitar (and other instruments!) out of simple household supplies.

noggin logo
Mailbox Fun!

Make a mailbox, fill it with handmade letters, and deliver them around home.

tinkergarten logo
Wild Things Kings and Queens

Read Where the Wild Things Are, then invite kids to create their own crowns using the natural treasures around them.

How to Shade a Cube

Learn the basics of drawing three-dimensional shapes with this helpful drawing tutorial.

Offline program
Draw Yourself

Look into a mirror and draw what you see. Remember to draw your eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, and chin.

Nature-Made Memory Game

Collect items in nature to make a fun memory game you can play together.

Meet the Met

Get ready to explore over 5,000 years of art from across the globe.

Color Confusion

Watch this video to see how light affects the colors you see. Create this magic trick at home with construction paper or brightly colored markers.

Earth Day Paper Plate Craft

Have fun creating an easy and cute paper plate Earth day character using some basic art supplies.

Music shop with various musical instruments
Play an Instrument

Practice playing all the different instruments in Daniel Tiger's neighborhood music shop!

tinkergarten logo
Build with Sticks

Use the natural materials around you, and give kids the freedom to design, test, redesign, and build their creations.

a drawing
el education logo
Make a Micro-Field Guide

Create a field guide to a tiny spot (about one square meter) in your yard, a local park, or any other patch of nature in your community.

Appreciation Cards Craft

Help your child talk about appreciation by making cards for the special people in their life.

scholastic logo
Dav Pilkey at Home

Get drawing with beloved author Dav Pilkey. Learn how to make all your favorite Dog Man characters, and find many more fun activities.

noggin logo
A Hero of Heroes

Create your own superhero comic using the printable template. The Bubble Guppies are battling a villain, and only you can finish the story!

leaves and petals in a jar
tinkergarten logo
Magic Petal Potions

Make potions! This activity never gets old for little ones, and will give them tools for play and investigation they can use again and again.

How to Draw Poppy from Trolls

Feeling Trolls fever? Learn to draw Poppy with this step-by-step tutorial.

Chemistry Color Explosion

Create a chemical reaction and work of art by mixing a few simple ingredients to create a beautiful pattern.

How to Draw a Turtle

Just right for young artists, this step-by-step tutorial shows how to draw a super-cute turtle!

noggin logo
Box-It Ball

Create your own version of of basketball: "box-it" ball.

Offline program
Drama Time

Put on a play with your stuffed animals or action figures. Invent your own storyline or use one you know.

Randomly-placed colored rocks forming art
Rock Art Rocks!

Create pictures out of colored rocks. Stack them, spread them out, and mix them up to see how many different things you can create.

The Kids Should See This logo
Rube Goldberg Machines

Check out these crazy contraptions that are all about cause and effect, and draw a plan for your own.

responding to art
Library of Congress logo
Respond to a Piece of Art

Find a piece of art of any kind and from anyone. Write a response to it. What does it make you feel and think?

Maker Monday: Cardboard Tube Houses

Re-imagine some toilet paper or paper towel tubes as houses, castles, and more.

Offline program
Make Masks

Use paper, cardboard, or cloth. Cut out eyes (with help). Decorate by gluing on beans, feathers, or whatever you can find.

Printable Coloring Pages

Free coloring pages by different artists. Scroll down to find the sheets.

10 Fun Fabric Scrap Crafts to do with Kids

Try out these fun crafts that make use of scrap pieces of fabric. You'll learn some useful sewing skills along the way.

Offline program
Write and Perform a Rap Song

Write an original rap song and perform it for family members after dinner.

Make A Doodler

Can you make a simple drawing without touching the marker or paper? You can if you collaborate! Team up, communicate, and coordinate your actions to draw silly sketches.

String Together Sounds

Tap lots of letters on the keyboard to explore some sounds. Then experiment with combining them. Can you create a beat and keep a rhythm going?

How to Draw a Rocket

Blast off to fun with this simple tutorial, developed just for younger kids, on how to draw a rocket.

History of Hip Hop Quiz

Test your knowledge on the history of jazz, hip hop, and more.

Offline program
Stamps and Shapes

Gather empty cardboard rolls, dip the ends in paint. Stamp circles. Press or fold the rolls. How do the shapes change?

Create with Colors

Click on a color and see famous fine art that contain it. Then pick a color to feature in your own art! (Note: There are a few paintings with nudity)

Monster Music

Use this interactive game to see what kind of music you can make with Sesame Street characters.

Khan Academy Kids App

This pre-K app makes it easy and fun for young kids to immerse themselves in foundational skills like reading, counting, social-emotional learning, and more.

Offline program
Make a Magic Wand

Use household or natural items and art supplies to make a magic wand. Talk about what magic spells you would cast.

Social Isolation Song Series with Dan + Claudia Zanes

Join this kid-friendly duo for a house party of sing-a-long folk songs

Cardboard Creations

Watch the video for tips, and then upcycle some cardboard into a new creation using the strengthening strategies you learned.

Art for Kids

Learn to draw all kinds of cool stuff by following these video tutorials.

Get Doodling with Mo

Visit with author and illustrator Mo Willems as he invites you to doodle with him in his home studio.

Wide Open School's logo
Make some music!

Use things from around the house as musical instruments and make up a song to share with others.

Wild Kratts Games

Play one of the easiest animal-adventure games, and talk about each creature.

Scavenger Hunt Color Wheel

Go on a scavenger hunt to find objects to combine into a color wheel. Take a picture, and do it again with different objects.

noggin logo

Use Noggin, a learning app from Nick Jr., that provides learning-based videos, games, and books with Nick Jr. characters.