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Discovering You: Shaesta Waiz

By engineering fuel tanks to fly further, Shaesta became the youngest woman to fly solo around the world in a single-engine airplane.

the Sơn Đoòng cave
Explore the World's Largest Cave

Journey to Vietnam's Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park and the stunning Sơn Đoòng cave, the world's largest natural cave.

woman floating in space shuttle
Tour the International Space Station

Join astronaut Suni Williams on a guided tour of daily life inside the International Space Station.

cartoon glue and tape
Which Is Stickier: Glue or Tape?

Find out what gives glue and tape their stickiness, and which one is stronger than the other. Complete the attached lesson to make learning ... stick.

Evolution Lab

Explore the roots and branches of the tree of life in this interactive lab focused on phylogenetics, the study of evolutionary relationships between species.

Community Farms

Learn about Melvin Parson's community-based farming project, which he sees as a path to healthier communities and better futures, especially for formerly incarcerated people.

a woman with two dogs
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Speak, Fido

Read this article about new, high-tech vests being developed to help service dogs communicate with people. Then consider some other potential uses for this technology.

The Car That Changed the World

Find out how the Model T came to be and how it reshaped the U.S. and the world.

How Do We Know the Earth Is Round?

Discover the science behind how we know the Earth is round. Then consider all the ways this knowledge affects various aspects of our lives.

kid holding a tube
Marshmallow Blaster

Design a tube that launches marshmallows, and consider how air pressure works to propel them higher, faster, and farther.

person holding a small electronic item
Small (but Mighty) Tech

View this photo essay about some teeny high-tech innovations designed to perform highly specialized tasks. What other applications for micro-size tech can you dream up?

items used for a science experiment
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Cloud in a Bottle

Don your wizard's cloak and conjure a cloud with some basic household items. Make sure to work with an adult on this one.

periodic table
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Table Trends

Explore the periodic table in this short course. Can you explain how the elements are classified or describe the properties of each group?

person doing arts and crafts
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How to Make a Pinhole Camera

Sunny out? Using card stock and foil, build a way to project images—like the sun on a piece of paper.

cars on a race track
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Playground Physics

Dive into this introductory course about centripetal force and acceleration. How do these concepts apply to a merry-go-round? How about a yo-yo?

horseshoe crabs on the beach
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Horseshoe Crabs Are Heroes

Find out about these "living fossils" in this short video series. Learn how medical researchers use horseshoe crab blood to test vaccines and more.

paper cutouts of space-related objects
Virtually Tour Space

Explore the cosmos with a virtual walk through CERN in Switzerland, and get an in-depth look at the scientific discoveries they've made possible.

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Daily SEL, STEM, and PE Lessons (Grades 7-8)

Work through 20-minute, teacher-led lessons featuring videos, activities, and extensions. The intriguing topics range from eco-friendly design to the importance of water to our bodies.

paper-made rocket
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Rocket Release

Create a paper rocket, then grab a straw and launch it! Record the distance traveled and modify your design. How far can it go?

The Art of Scientific Communication

Sit down with Neil deGrasse Tyson and learn all about the importance of science, plus how to communicate scientific truths effectively.

person creating origami
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Space Origami

Fold a piece of paper to find out how rockets can carry a starshade as big as a baseball diamond to take pictures in space.

foam version of Earth
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How Health and Climate Are Connected

Watch this overview of how climate change affects public health. Then, read some of the related articles and complete the reflection prompts.

satellite view of Mars
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Moving on Mars

Develop a game to make a rover move on Mars. Download a free Scratch account to start, then add code for targets, hazards, and more!

people presenting dinosaur fossils
Solving the Dinosaur Mystery

Find out how Kirk Johnson, director of the National Museum of Natural History, and other experts pieced together the dramatic end to the Cretaceous.

making a paper helicopter
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Flying into Thin Air

Design a paper helicopter that can fly on Mars without the lift provided by our atmosphere. Test different blade sizes. Which size flies best?

people presenting various bones
Bone Whispering

Learn from Kari Bruwelheide, an anthropologist at the National Museum of Natural History, how human skeletons can tell you about how people lived and died.

woman illustrating how moon craters are made
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Artificial Moon Craters

Make moon craters in your kitchen and observe the ejecta patterns. Grab some baking supplies, a few different-size rocks, and prepare for impact.

people presenting old fossils and bones
Forgotten Elephants of Deep Time

Learn how factors like body size, tooth shape, and habitat each played a role in the evolution of the elephant.

a full moon
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Phases of the Moon

Keep a monthlong journal of the phases of the moon. Observe the moon and draw its shape. Can you predict what will happen next?

The Allegheny Steam Locomotive

Learn about the innovative design and engineering work that went into the creation of the historic Allegheny steam locomotive—the last of its kind.

animated animals dancing
Hour of Code

Try these engaging, one-hour introductory computer science tutorials, appropriate for all ages. There are hundreds of activities and tutorials in over 45 languages.

Critical Questions About Artificial Intelligence

Listen to (and read) this conversation about AI. Use the questions as prompts for your own written or spoken reflection.

arts and crafts
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Living Room Spacecraft Landing

Find out just how hard it is to land a spacecraft in this project. Make sure to design, build, test, and redesign.

picture of astronaut andrew morgan
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Astronaut Andrew Morgan Answers Kids' Questions

Find out from an astronaut what it's like to take a 272-day trip to the International Space Station and then come home to a pandemic.

decorative water jar
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Water Cycle in a Jar

Create and witness the water cycle in a personally designed glass jar.

sample image of coding
Quick Coding Course

Learn the fundamentals of computer science with drag-and-drop blocks. Create your own drawings and games.

drawing of a plant
Genetically Modified Crops

Engineer crops in this interactive module. Find out how selective breeding can lead to larger corn yields and how to create a supercrop with biotechnology.

student looking through a homemade cardboard viewer
Picture-Perfect Pieces

Use cardboard tubes to create a light-minimizing viewer. What do you see when standing still? How does it change when you're moving side to side?

students dancing
A Symbiosis Dance

Model interactions between different species in an ecosystem while practicing your dance moves. Can you do the bee waggle? How about the bear scratch?

paper cutouts of scientific words
Size and Scale

Create a list of objects, smallest to largest, most of which our eyes can't see. Why can we see an ant but not an antibody?

cup of slime
Marvelous Mucus

Discover how mucus is actually beneficial to our health. Watch the videos to learn more, and grab some Jell-O to conduct an experiment at home.

a foot on a distortion pedal
teachrock logo
Design a Distortion Pedal

Discover the history of the distortion pedal, a little box that changed rock music. Then learn about what distortion is and design your own pedal.

Kids playing with magnets
Magnetic Field Detector

Design and build your own magnetic field detector! Using household items, think about how you'll find the invisible force called magnetism.

drawn out idea
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Helpful Invention

Dream up an invention you think could help make people's lives better. Design it, then build it. Check out the two examples for inspiration.

a kid on a video call
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Kids' COVID-19 Questions Answered

Learn some fast facts about the coronavirus in this video where TFK Kid Reporters talk with Dr. Ingrid Katz of Harvard.

Women presenting / giving a speech
National Women's History Museum logo
Women Solving Wonders

Watch this video to learn about the women who made space travel possible. What were the calculations that helped America advance in the space race?

Digital cutout of Earth's crust
ESRI logo
Shifting Plates Make Earth's Shapes

See how movements of the Earth's crust can cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and change the shapes of continents and oceans in this interactive story map.

Animated scientist
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Genetic Counseling

Determine the likelihood that a couple would have a child with sickle cell anemia in this interactive lab. Examine family history, DNA coding, and more.

Sample graph of spending habits
NY Times logo
What's Going On in This Graph?

Check back each week to dig into a new fascinating graph connected to current events. What do you notice about it? What do you wonder?

A family maintaining their garden
How Does Your Garden Grow?

Create a home garden in your yard or in a flower pot, using five easy-to-find items.

Screenshot from website
Poisonous Takeover

Explore how natural selection helped a population of newts become so poisonous. Click on the first video to start, then continue with the lessons after.

Animated picture of a garbage truck
Personal Planning for the Planet

Find out how you can save the planet's resources for future generations by conserving energy, food, and water and by making your purchases last longer.

Google Earth satellite view of an island
The Alphabet on Earth

Take a trip around the globe and notice that the Earth actually knows its ABC's! Explore different areas that look like letters from outer space.

Eco-Friendly Sneaker

Can you design and build a sneaker that's environmentally friendly? As you work, consider the effects of the materials you're using.

Cybersecurity Challenge

Strengthen your cyber defenses with this virtual lab. Learn how to protect yourself from hackers that can download viruses and steal passwords on your computer.

Mysterious Microbes

Search for six microbes in this online coloring activity. Pick a different color to represent each virus. Are you able to identify the missing one?

Calling All Artists and Advocates

Raise awareness of how climate change is impacting Earth's oceans. You can use poetry, art, film, prose, multimedia and more in this solution-oriented youth competition.

Polar Explorer

Hunt for clues buried in ice in this interactive. Watch videos, play games, and explore 360 degree environments to find out about Earth's past.

Your Own Space Film

Make a movie about space using images from NASA's archives. If you're under 18, have your parent submit your final video to the competition.

Sustainable Solutions

Design efficient bus routes, and compare the environmental impacts of fuel types. Download the student activity guide and watch the video to start your calculations.

Earthquake-Proof Engineering

Explore engineering techniques with this hands-on learning activity. Collect and compare movement data with your cellphone to create designs that prevent earthquake damage.

Solar Oven Snacks

Build a sun-powered oven out of cardboard! When it's sunny, go outside and heat up a treat to celebrate Earth Day.

Acidic and Basic Food

Calculate the pH values of different foods in this virtual lab, and explore how a scientist knows when food is safe to sell.

Mini-Plastic Ocean

Create a model of how plastic trash moves in the ocean using an empty two-liter bottle. Extend your learning by observing gyres on Earth.

pbs learning media logo
Baseball Physics

Discover what Newton's laws of motion and baseball have in common. Watch, practice, and discuss how watching sports is a science in this learning module.

How Toilet Paper Is Made

Visit a huge factory that makes toilet paper, tissue, and paper towels. You'll get to see how something so simple is actually complex to manufacture.

A student understanding building structure
Earthquake-Proof Construction

Construct a model building that can withstand an earthquake, and build your own shake table! Then, consider how buildings in your town are constructed.

Soap vs. Hand Sanitizer

Watch why soap is effective at destroying the coronavirus. Prior to viewing, mix oil and water in a clear glass, add soap, and record results.

Is it Magic or Physics?

Make a whirligig! Create this fast, age-old toy with paper and string and see physics at work with a centrifuge that can separate components by density.

The Kids Should See This logo
Rube Goldberg Machines

Check out these crazy contraptions that are all about cause and effect, and draw a plan for your own.

Boy working on problem - Knowledge on the Go
Great Minds: Knowledge on the Go

Build knowledge with these high-quality, daily instructional video lessons for ELA (grades K–8) and math (grades K–12).

What's Inside a Nuclear Reactor?

Take a virtual trip inside a nuclear research facility to see how nuclear energy works and explore possible career opportunities. Extend your learning with project starters.

Ecosystem Breaking Points

Research an ecosystem and play this climate change game with Lego or paper blocks. See how much your ecosystem can take before it breaks.

Globe At Night logo
Stars in Your Backyard

Become a citizen scientist from your bedroom window by measuring the light pollution in your area. Record your observations with your device and share.

Common Sense Education logo
Dig Deeper Into Science News

Use this video and discussion guide to understand how headlines shape the way we interpret science- and health-related news.

The Variations of Viruses

Explore the structure, hosts, transmission and more of nine viruses in this interactive app that's great for AP Bio students. Download the worksheet to guide learning.

Problem Solving Robots

Solve real-world problems with this interactive game. Design solutions to one of the scenarios or build a robot based on a challenge you see.

Amplify Science

Read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers. Try these self-guided videos for grades 6-8.

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Science Flix

Find a large collection of Earth, Space, Life and Physical Science materials. Sections on Health and the Human Body and Tech, Math and Engineering are included as well.


Try out a shorter starter experiment or a longer project to learn the basics of circuitry.

Floating Penny

Do this simple experiment to test air and water pressure. Are there other examples that show these forces in action?

Inspired by Physics

Watch this MinutePhysics video about gravity. When you're done, write down one question you want to research.

Survey Methods

Learn about scientific research methods by evaluating actual research conducted on African elephant populations. Start with the interactive presentation, then dig into the worksheet.

science journal logo
Getting Started With Motion

Download this free app and complete this short activity to learn how to track motion. Then take your phone outside and check out the data.

How to Smile logo
Ziploc Digestion Simulator

If you have soda, crackers, and a Ziploc bag sitting around the house, then this quick, fun activity can kick off a conversation about how the stomach digests food.

Soap and Coronaviruses

Coronaviruses are surrounded by the same type of membrane that surrounds human cells. Learn how disrupting this membrane with soap or alcohol inactivates the virus.

Science Quizzes

Find out how much you know about sharks, space, or other science topics, and then share the most interesting facts you learned.