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Keep learning even when school is out with virtual math practice and offline math activities. Find free math games, apps, and activities to do at home.

Make Sense of the World with Statistics

Immerse yourself in the fascinating—and useful—field of statistics in this video-based course hosted by journalist Adriene Hill.

various math-related problems and items
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Geometry Basics

Click on a video to learn, complete practice problems, or join in the conversation with questions. Master angles, polygons, and area in this foundational course.

people walking on a crosswalk
Pedestrians and Populations

Create box plots to determine whether the number of people who walk to work depends on a city's population.

Find the Fun and Beauty in Algebra

Whether you struggle with algebra or already love it, join mathematician James Tanton on this nontraditional exploration of the foundations of algebra.

a vegetable
Beautiful and Bizarre Math

Find out about fascinating fractals in this interactive. They're all around you! Create your own by repeating a simple pattern at an increasingly smaller scale.

various strings on a plate
Find Pi Everywhere

Discover the magical mathematical nature of pi. All you'll need is a circular object, some string, and scissors.

picture of a highway
Graph Theory

Discover how we're surrounded by networks and connections, from roads to the internet. Learn about how graph properties can solve pratical problems in this interactive.

creature caverns
Coordinate Creatures

Plot points on a grid and see what creature they create. What's that in the cave? Change the x- and y-coordinates to find out!

timeline of mathematics
Math History

Discover the history of mathematics with this timeline. Read the stories behind the math and see how what we know today evolved over time.

various shapes that forms a person
Tangram Puzzle

Play this ancient game, where you create different shapes and figures, using just seven geometric tiles. There are 40 interactive puzzles to choose from.

two origami boxes
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Origami Boxes

Learn the Japanese art of paper folding and make your very own origami box. Decorate the paper before folding to add a personal touch!

A Zombie Apocalypse and Calculus

Watch this video and explore how fast a (hypothetical) zombie population could grow. Calculate exponential growth to determine how long until a total takeover.

golf course diagrams
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Putt-Putt on Paper

Design your own miniature golf course by using geometry. Find out how acute, obtuse, and right angles can lead to a hole in one.

sample math illustration
Alike Angles

Categorize angles into different groups in this interactive game. Congruent or parallel, complementary or supplementary, acute or obtuse: Can you sort them all?

a man sneezing
Sneeze Graphs

Find out how far a sneeze travels in this video. Then grab an eye dropper, spray bottle, or water balloon and conduct your own test.

sample algebra problem
All About Algebra

Work through these skills to learn about all things algebra.

a key inserted inside a lock
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Learning That Pays Off

Make sense of your dollars and cents in this course that offers practical advice about personal finance.

sample graph
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Statistically Relevant Studies

Discover all the components of a valid study in this mini-course. Learn what makes a relevant sample, the difference between correlation and causality, and more.

Cover art of prime factorization
Factorization, Prime Time

Use this clever rap video to learn -- or review -- all of the basics of prime factorization.

Women presenting / giving a speech
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Women Solving Wonders

Watch this video to learn about the women who made space travel possible. What were the calculations that helped America advance in the space race?

Egyptian art
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Ages of Art

Examine how artists in Ancient Egypt used proportional guidelines for their work. Can you identify all of the rules they used? Create a grid to start.

Sample graph of spending habits
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What's Going On in This Graph?

Check back each week to dig into a new fascinating graph connected to current events. What do you notice about it? What do you wonder?

Student engaged in a digital math activity
Video Game Math

Learn how a video game designer uses mathematical concepts in their code to create games. Start by watching the video, then play the challenge.

Animated man with a baseball glove holding a baseball
Pythagorean Theorem

Learn about, or brush up on, some Pythagorean theorem basics. Afterward, find a right triangle somewhere in your house and test out the theory.

POC Entrepreneurship

Calculate the percent change of POC-owned businesses from 2015 to 2016. Consider factors that could have influenced these changes. Ponder what business you could start!

Meaningful Math

Explore how mathematics can help us make sense of the world. After viewing, describe how math could increase someone's score in a game of pool.

Census Changes

Predict how the racial makeup of the country will change in ten, and twenty, years by using the U.S. Census data from 2000 and 2010.

How Far Away is the Sun?

Use your hands and a mathematical ratio to estimate sizes and distances of far away objects. Start with objects close to you as a baseline.

Census Calculations

Examine and compare histograms to understand characteristics of American life during a given time. Use mean, median, standard deviation, and more to interpret the data.

Sustainable Solutions

Design efficient bus routes, and compare the environmental impacts of fuel types. Download the student activity guide and watch the video to start your calculations.

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No-Fear Fractions

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions with ease! Learn how to find the greatest common factor and least common multiple with this clever rap video.

Practice Proving Proofs

Boost your confidence in solving geometric proofs with this interactive. Click the "get started" button, then the "start learning" buttons to practice five proofs at home.

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Gerrymandering and Geometry

Watch the video, then find a map of congressional districts in your state. Do you notice any irregular shapes? Can math prove a gerrymandering case?

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A Running Advantage

Determine whether height affects an Olympic runner's speed. Download the student handout and click on the teach button to find out.

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Probability Predictions

Play games while learning about probability at the same time. Take your knowledge offline with dice or coins and see if you can beat the odds.

Making Music With Math

Create your own music while learning math. Start with the math vocabulary activity and see how factoring integers and identifying ratios can sound so good.

Screenshot from video
Understanding Data with Scatter Plots

Follow the real-world example in this video. Then, choose some data to collect around your house, and plot the points to create your own.

Math Visualized

Plug in an equation and watch it transform on a graph. Expand your skills with video and challenges, or even complete a scavenger hunt.

Boy working on problem - Knowledge on the Go
Great Minds: Knowledge on the Go

Build knowledge with these high-quality, daily instructional video lessons for ELA (grades K–8) and math (grades K–12).

How Much Toilet Paper is Enough?

Find out how much TP you actually need. Also, see if there's a correlation between the number of sheets and the roll's diameter.

Build Math Skills & Confidence

Practice grade-level math from the comfort of your home with this interactive website that gives feedback and support to build confidence and skills.

Math Made Accessible

Read, watch, and solve math problems in algebra, geometry, statistics, calculus and trigonometry. Complete an activity, open a digital textbook, or try a practice problem.

Problem Solving Robots

Solve real-world problems with this interactive game. Design solutions to one of the scenarios or build a robot based on a challenge you see.

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Fraction Multiplication

Learn to multiply numerators and denominators, then simplify. Afterward, try multiplying some fractions using items in your kitchen, just like in the video.

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Independent Math

Choose the grade level that's right to get started.

Middle School Math Activities

Play around with some of these Geogebra mathematical models and simulations. If something seems neat, research some of the key terms and concepts.

Interactive Math

Choose a course or activity that meets your needs from this beautifully designed reinvention of the traditional textbook.

The Coronavirus Curve

Follow along as a mathematician uses Geogebra to build a graphical model of the coronavirus infection curve.

sample of machine learning
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Math Futures

Learn the computing skills of the future in this AI-focused coding program that shows you how to train a computer to read images.

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Pandemic Math

Do this timely activity (using the video, interactives, and questions) to understand the math behind viral outbreaks.

Game Coder

Explore some of the tutorials in Microsoft's MakeCode Arcade. These step-by-step guides show how to modify and create simple games using drag-and-drop code blocks.

Daily Math Problem

At any time of day, use the daily math problem, presented at a variety of levels, to practice math skills and problem-solving.

Cartoon boxer
Pump Up the Volume

Learn to find the volumes of cones, cylinders, and spheres. Then, find an example of each in your house, and calculate the volume for each.