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Work on practical life skills with this collection of fun and free activities—from cooking to applying to college.

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How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Learn and practice these three confidence-boosting tips that'll help you tackle challenges and face the world with resolve.

Community Farms

Learn about Melvin Parson's community-based farming project, which he sees as a path to healthier communities and better futures, especially for formerly incarcerated people.

How to Tie a Tie

Ditch the clip-on and learn one way to easily tie a tie, and class up your wardrobe for graduation, job interviews, weddings, and beyond.

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Change Sheets

Take all the sheets off the beds and put fresh ones on. Bonus points if you can wash the dirty sheets, too.

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Learn to Iron

Challenge yourself to learn this adult skill. You'll need it for job interviews, first dates, and anytime you want to look extra sharp.

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Tie Knots

Explore the different types of knots. Which would come in handy? Use rope or shoelaces to teach yourself how to tie one or two knots.

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Check Out Some Colleges

Use this search engine to explore potential colleges that match your needs (and wants), or just dive deep into one you're already interested in attending.

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Getting to Know Deepfakes

Find out what deepfakes are and how they might affect our world. What are three things you can do to avoid getting fooled by them?

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Write a Résumé

Think about your next (or first) job, and put together a résumé that highlights your experience.

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Scholarship Search

Uncover scholarships that'll help you pay for college. Just enter your info, see what comes up, and start an application.

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Proactive College Planning

Get a handle on the overwhelming admissions process with these videos on researching, applying to, and paying for college.

Learn to Ollie

Pop into this helpful explainer video, and see if you can learn this most basic (yet very challenging!) of skateboard tricks.

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What Makes Good Nutrition

Learn the six major nutrients in food, where they come from, and why our bodies need a healthy balance of each to survive and thrive.

Flexible Cookie Recipe

Mix up some yummy cookies with pantry staples. Add whatever you have in the kitchen and learn some solid substitution skills.

Cook Eggs

Learn how to cook eggs—scrambled, fried, hard-boiled. This skill will come in handy. We promise.

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AP Exam Prep and Demo

Put a stop to any surprises on exam day by checking out this live demo of the test.

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Learning That Pays Off

Make sense of your dollars and cents in this course that offers practical advice about personal finance.

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Make Lunch

Ask an adult if you can make lunch for them. Try to make it healthy and delicious. Focus on presentation, too.

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Get Organized

Think of something you use every day -- your bedside table, your bag, your desk -- and straighten it up. Get rid of what you don't need.

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Create a home garden in your yard or in a flower pot, using five easy-to-find items.

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Career Conversations

Watch interviews with interesting people from a host of different careers. Identify a few you find most inspiring and research how you'd pursue those jobs.

Public Speaking Tips

Gather some speech-giving tips from this hip-hop video, then write a speech and practice performing it for family or friends, in person or online.

Coping with Stress During Uncertainty

Manage stress and stay healthy during the pandemic with this informative video on dealing with anxiety. Then, use the tips to develop a self-care plan.

How to Clean a Car's Exterior

Learn how to keep a car looking spiffy. Then clean your parent's or a neighbor's car, or just bank this wisdom until you have your own someday.

Rice Cooker

Take on the challenge of cooking rice perfectly with this easy method you'll use for the rest of your life.

How Does Composting Work?

Watch this short overview on composting: what it is, and how it works. Afterward, consider how you might compost at home, using materials you already have.

How to Sew on a Button

Watch this no-frills video and learn how to properly sew a button onto fabric or a piece of clothing.

Effective Communication Skills

There's never been a better time to brush up on our communication skills. Use this clever rap video to kick-start a conversation.

Self-Guided Social Media Lessons

Work through one of these research-backed simulations that'll help you practice the skills you need to navigate tricky and challenging situations on social media.

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Make a Business Call

Call a store and ask for information that you or an adult needs. Do they deliver? Is toilet paper in stock?

Sharpen Your Knife Skills

Learn some basic techniques for safer and slicker use of a chef's knife. Try them out tonight by helping your family cook dinner.

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Imagine Your Life in 10 Years

What job will you have? What will you look like? Who will you live with? Write it down with details.

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My Media Choices Inventory

Use the worksheet to chart out your media diet. Ask a family member or friend to do it too. Think about and discuss the results.

Create a Study Space

Pick a spot in your home that's your special study area. Use this article's tips to tweak that space to suit your needs.

DIY Disinfectant Spray

Make some disinfectant spray using just bleach and water. Ask an adult to help out and learn along with you.

Socratic by Google

Download and try out this helpful app for your homework. Use it to think through a solution to a sticky problem, and figure out a better process moving forward.

News Literacy Quiz

Test your critical-thinking skills with this free app that uses actual examples of deceptive (and not) media.

Food Recommendations

Learn what goes into a healthy diet according to science.

Crash Course, Taking Notes

Learn the nuts and bolts of good note-taking—a skill that'll come in handy over the next few weeks and all your life!

Type. Type. Type.

Use this free, standout typing program to learn, practice, and vastly improve your typing speed and accuracy.


Compose clear, mistake-free writing that makes the right impression with Grammarly’s writing assistant.

Laundry Time

Learn how to do your laundry so you're not totally clueless when you're on your own.

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Essential Digital Citizenship Lessons for the Coronavirus Epidemic

Support the transition to virtual learning and help students think critically and compassionately about what they see online.

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Responsible Use

Watch this video from the Bay Area's KQED and use the worksheet to reflect on how screen time and media use affect our well-being.