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These free online and offline exercise games and fitness classes are great for burning off energy and building active breaks into your day.

Cheesy Game for Groups

Pick someone to be the "Big Cheese," then follow the instructions in this video to learn a goofy game.

two people planking and high fiving
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Plank High Fives

Grab a buddy and get in a plank position on your elbows. Balance on one forearm, and high-five your partner five times. Then switch.

exercises inspired by Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games
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Hunger Games Workout

Channel your inner tribute with these exercises inspired by Katniss Everdeen.

three penguins walking
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Silly Walk

Make up a silly walk and use it while you wander around your neighborhood or house.

Don't Touch the Floor

Use small "stepping stone" objects from around your house and try to cross an imaginary field of lava without losing your balance.

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Daily SEL, STEM, and PE Lessons (Grades 9-12)

Work through 20-minute, teacher-led lessons featuring videos, activities, and extensions. The intriguing topics range from heart health to social entrepreneurship.

Do Afro'Dance

Use your arms, upper body, and core in this Afro'Dance workout with Ailey Extension instructor Angel Kaba.

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Daily SEL, STEM, and PE Lessons (Grades 7-8)

Work through 20-minute, teacher-led lessons featuring videos, activities, and extensions. The intriguing topics range from eco-friendly design to the importance of water to our bodies.

A Twist on Hide-and-Seek

Hide an object in plain sight, then have your family members look for it. When they find it, listen for the silly catchphrase.

Practice Some Salsa Steps

Try New York-style salsa with BAILA Society Artistic Co-Director Ahtoy Juliana. This video assumes some prior experience, but just do your best!

Minute Movements

Set a timer and do each of these exercises for one minute. Still energized? Repeat as many times as you want.

Feel the Burn

Get ready to sweat with this hour-long workout video that's all the rage on TikTok.

Step Back and Play

Toss a ball around a circle. Every time it makes it back to the beginning, take one step back and start again.

Learn to Ollie

Pop into this helpful explainer video, and see if you can learn this most basic (yet very challenging!) of skateboard tricks.

children doing jumping jacks
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Jack of All Jumps

See if you can do 100 jumping jacks in a row by starting with 10 and adding 10 more each day.

Work Out Like a Jedi

Use the force of your muscles to do these Star Wars-character-inspired exercises.

Silly Bean Game

Watch these short instructions on how to play the game Beans on Toast. See how many new "bean" rules you can come up with.

Get Moving with Langston Galloway

Join Detroit Pistons' Langston Galloway and teacher Ms. Jourieh for an at-home workout. Watch until the end for a poem from Langston's namesake.

students dancing
A Symbiosis Dance

Model interactions between different species in an ecosystem while practicing your dance moves. Can you do the bee waggle? How about the bear scratch?

Catching Paper Snowflakes

Toss paper confetti into the air and see how many pieces you can catch before they hit the ground.

An adult exercising
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DIY Exercise Routine

String together several videos or use a workout card to design a routine for every age and fitness level.

Women dancing and exercising
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Get Fit with Dance

Get your blood flowing with dance classes from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater instructors.

At-Home Personal Trainer

Join a workout class led by a Nike master trainer. Each equipment-free class is designed for multiple ability levels and indoor spaces.

People doing yoga
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Build Muscles with Yoga

Strengthen your muscles with this online yoga class for beginners, focused on balance and basic poses.

Mom and daughter taking a walk
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Change Up Your Walk

Take a walk along a different route from your normal one (or start in the opposite direction). See if you notice anything new.

Toss and Think

Use your brain and your body in this game of concentration. All you need is a ball or something to toss.

The Lion King workout title screen
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Disney Movie Workout

Use these guides that give you exercises to do at different points in certain Disney films. Don't see your favorite? Make your own!

Red Means Stop, Green Means Go

Pick a leader. When they say, "Green light," walk or run in place. When they say, "Yellow light," tiptoe. When they say, "Red light," stop!

30-Minute Yoga Class for Teens

Try out some beginning-level yoga and breathing techniques with this informative, guided yoga class designed just for high school students.

P.E. Class at Home

Pretend you're in P.E. and follow along with the "world's P.E. teacher," Joe Wicks, as he leads a daily 30-minute at-home workout.

Box It Out

Get step-by-step boxing tutorials for beginners and do an effective, equipment-free workout.

woman demonstrating a perfect squat
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Achieve Squat Perfection

Practice the perfect squat for a great core and lower body exercise. Once you can do it right, try for 15 in a row.

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Livestream Fitness Class on Facebook

Try a 30-minute "home work-in" with celebs and personal trainers. No equipment necessary.

Eight-Count Exercise

Count to eight for each step of this hand-walking exercise that's great for core strength.

Practice Your Dance Moves

Learn the choreography for a trending dance on TikTok. Remember: Only post yourself dancing on social media if it's OK with your parents.

Play, Pause, Fast-Forward, Rewind

Hand someone a real (or pretend) remote, then have them call out the standard DVD player functions to start, stop, or speed up your actions.

Home Workout with Jerome Williams

Wide Open School Exclusive: Get court-ready with NBA legend Jerome Williams in this workout series covering fundamentals from jumping jacks to burpees.

30-Minute Yoga Class for Middle Schoolers

Try out some beginning-level yoga and breathing techniques with this informative, guided yoga class designed just for middle school students.

Learn to Juggle

Watch this quick tutorial, and then find three balls (or other items) from around your home, practice, and see if you can master basic juggling.

How to Make a Balance Board

Watch this short tutorial, then see if you can build and use your own balance board with materials you already have in your home.

workout instructor
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Wake Up, Warm Up, Work It Out

Start your day off right—or boost your spirits in the afternoon—with this energizing warm-up and workout.

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Mop the Floor

Help out with household chores like mopping or vacuuming for a surprisingly effective workout. Make it fun by listening to your favorite music.

Learn a Dance

Build self-esteem by learning some simple dance choreography.

Mason Plumlee Gets Moving

Wide Open School Exclusive:
NBA Denver Nuggets player Mason Plumlee shares his stuck-at-home workout, plus some fun games you can set up with ordinary household items.

Hide from the Museum Guard

Move, wiggle, and dance while pretending to be a museum artifact. But make sure to freeze when the security guard is looking.

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Sports or Something Like It

Shoot some hoops, kick a ball around, play catch, or just toss a ball as high as it can go and try to catch it. The possibilities are endless!

Bust Out Some Burpees

Learn how to do a burpee, a dreaded but super-effective full-body exercise. Do a set every day for a quick heart rate jolt.

Rock Star Workout

Bust out your air guitar and enjoy this wacky workout sitting down or standing up.

Ryan Heffington
Instagram Live Sweatfest

Move along to this wild, fun, and ultra-positive Instagram live dance party on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. and Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. PST.

Practice Some Poses

Use this slide show to guide you through some simple yoga poses. Try to hold each one for 10 deep breaths.

MadFit Full Body Workout

Do this intense but fun 20-minute guided-workout that'll get you energized for the rest of your day.

Family doing sit-ups together
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Sit-Up Competition

Challenge friends or family members to see who can do the most sit-ups in one minute. Best two out of three wins.

How to Do a Proper Plank That Works All the Right Muscles

Practice how to do a perfect plank, and weave them into your day as a quick burst of full-body exercise.

Ponder Your Posture

Check out this guide to reflect on your posture. See anything familiar? If so, try out some of the suggested fixes.

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Bike Ride

Get on your bike and go somewhere. Feel the breeze and let your mind wander.

Push-up Playlist

Take 15 minutes to try out different types of push-ups in this article. Focus less on how many push-ups you do and more on trying out all styles.

Rock Paper Scissors Stretch

See who can stretch the farthest with this modified rock, paper, scissors game.

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Obstacle Course

Set up a simple, safe obstacle course inside or in the yard, and do time trials to see how fast you can go.

Guided Meditation for High School Students

Join Sal Khan on a "voyage of the mind" in this 12-minute meditative exercise.

Simple Stretches

Get ready for your day with these arm and leg stretches.