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the Sơn Đoòng cave
Explore the World's Largest Cave

Journey to Vietnam's Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng National Park and the stunning Sơn Đoòng cave, the world's largest natural cave.

Mount Vernon
mount vernon logo
Learn About Mount Vernon

Take a trip to George Washington's historic estate that served as his home with Martha Washington—and the home of hundreds of enslaved people.

picture of a sculpture in the Vatican
Musei Vaticani logo
Visit the Vatican

Wander the richly decorated halls of this unique holy city-state—completely free of crowds!

woman floating in space shuttle
Tour the International Space Station

Join astronaut Suni Williams on a guided tour of daily life inside the International Space Station.

Grand Canyon Trek

Chill out on this awe-inspiring (and long!) Grand Canyon hike featuring great footage and vibes. If you're up for it, walk along with the video!

paper cutouts of space-related objects
Virtually Tour Space

Explore the cosmos with a virtual walk through CERN in Switzerland, and get an in-depth look at the scientific discoveries they've made possible.

an old theater
Shakespeare's globe logo
Visit a Famous Theater

Take a 360-degree online tour of the Globe Theatre in London, where Shakespeare's most famous plays were performed.

a man presenting
Hidden Worlds in Our National Parks

Explore five equally impressive and varied national parks in these interactive, ranger-led virtual tours.

black and white photo of ellis island
scholastic logo
Ellis Island Virtual Visit

Follow an immigrant's footsteps in this virtual tour, and read firsthand stories about what it was like to emigrate through Ellis Island.

virtual yosemite logo
Yosemite Virtual Tour

Discover Yosemite Valley's mountains, meadows, and waterfalls in this virtual tour that's as close to breathtaking as one can get without being there.

astronaut on the moon
Tour the Moon in 4K

Get up close and personal with our moon in this high-resolution video experience that highlights a variety of interesting sights on the lunar surface.

old photo from the civil rights movement
The Civil Rights Movement: A Photo History

Browse these iconic images that can serve as inspiring, and sometimes painful, reminders of African Americans' struggle for equal status as citizens in our nation.

black and white photo of an Olympic woman
National Women's History Museum logo
History of Women Olympic Athletes

Learn about women athletes from past Olympics in this online exhibit. Then, research women who are currently training to compete in the upcoming (if delayed) Olympic Games.

a man with facial hair
Beard Wars

What's the meaning behind a beard? Consider this and more with this cultural and historical look at beards in America, from the Civil War to today.

black and white photo of a hardware store
The Stories of 103 Orchard Street

Explore how this New York tenement's history mirrors the story of immigration in the U.S. Then, dig into more resources from the Tenement Museum's site.

a tree
Famous Trees of the World

See some of the world's most amazing trees—from biggest to oldest and beyond—in this top-notch virtual tour.

Go to the Galapagos

Virtually visit the beautiful island home to many amazing animals.

Front of the White House
YouVisit logo
Visit the White House

Take a virtual tour of the living quarters and workspace of the home of the president of the United States.

Stonehenge Street View

Get up close and personal with this mysterious landmark. Then, read about some of the theories about why it was built. What do you think?

Picture of a college campus
YouVisit logo
Take a Virtual College Tour

Explore more than 600 colleges and universities with multimedia tours led by students. Learn about student life, academics, and landmarks at schools that interest you.

yellowstone park
3D Virtual Tour

Experience the thermal thrills of Yellowstone National Park's hot springs and geysers. Be sure to explore the interactive, 3D geyser animations!

notre dame
The Fire at Notre Dame

Use this fly-over virtual tour to learn about the 2019 fire that badly damaged Paris's historic Notre Dame cathedral and the efforts to restore it.

Virtual Tour of Angkor Wat

Explore a virtual tour of this 12th-century Cambodian temple city. This immersive, interactive site includes 3D simulations of daily life and historical information.

Re-Creating the Anne Frank House

Take a tour of the spaces where Anne Frank hid during the Holocaust and how they were recreated for a series on YouTube.

How Toilet Paper Is Made

Visit a huge factory that makes toilet paper, tissue, and paper towels. You'll get to see how something so simple is actually complex to manufacture.

hubble space telescope in a museum
360º Videos

Pick a video, click, and rotate to get a 360-degree view of stuff people don't often get to see.

Imagine the Past

Float around the Met's ancient Temple of Dendur exhibit in this virtual video. Draw what you think the temple looked like at its peak.

Take a Trip with Huell

Spend some time with beloved California TV personality Huell Howser as he visits and learns about natural and cultural sites all over the Golden State.

space rover
Launch into Space

Visit Mars and see photos from NASA's Curiosity Rover.

National Parks

Explore some of the most beautiful places in the USA, guided by National Park Rangers.

Live Animal Cams

See the jellyfish swimming through the water. What do you notice about them?

Doodles with Mo Willems

Visit with author and illustrator Mo Willems as he invites you to doodle with him in his home studio.

Wander The Met

Enjoy over 5,000 years of art from around the world at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Live Zoo Cams

There is nothing more fun that watching animals be animals. Check out these zoo cams and let your kids choose their favorite animal to watch.

The Guggenheim

Take a walk through the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York featuring contemporary art. (Warning: some art pieces contain mature content)

an animal
San Diego Zoo: Live Cams

Tune in to three or more of the zoo's livestreams and write down your observations for each animal to share later.

an artifact
National Museum of African American History & Culture logo
Collection Stories, National Museum of African American History & Culture

Read one of the many thought-provoking stories on the NMAAHC website, and then dig into the associated collection of artifacts.

elephants in a museum
Field Museum

Take a virtual trip to Chicago to visit the Field Museum, and explore their animal exhibits using Street View.

scholastic logo
Backyard Field Trip

Use some of these ideas to get outside and use found items to make simple crafts.

elephants in a museum
American Museum of Natural History

Explore the American Museum of Natural History, one of the world’s preeminent scientific, educational, and cultural institutions.