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These games, activities, videos, and books will help kids build resilience, tackle difficult feelings, and learn how to contribute to others' well-being.

how to deal with hate speech online
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Dealing With Hate Speech Online

What's hate speech? Have you ever encountered it online? Learn about this phenomenon and how to deal with it effectively.

managing online use
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The Pressure to Stay Connected

Hear what other teens have to say about how digital media has them feeling "hooked." Do you feel the same way? How might you manage your use?

maintaining friendships online
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Friendships and Social Media

Consider how social media affects your friendships. In what ways does social media help, hinder, or just complicate our connections and communications with friends?


Learn how bullet journaling might be able to help you feel more in control of your life and health.

Meditation for Learning

Weave this meditation into your day or week to give your brain and body time to rest, reflect, and re-center.

Set Social Media Boundaries

Take inventory of what's not working for you when it comes to social media, and make changes that support your well-being.

child writing a letter
Essential Words: Letters of Gratitude to Essential Workers

Write a meaningful letter of thanks to essential workers that returns their acts of service and kindness.

Grand Canyon Trek

Chill out on this awe-inspiring (and long!) Grand Canyon hike featuring great footage and vibes. If you're up for it, walk along with the video!

people of various ethnic background
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Talking About Race

Use the resources in this toolkit to reflect on race, power, and privilege and to have constructive, equity-oriented conversations within your family, community, and classroom.

cartoon girl
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How to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Learn and practice these three confidence-boosting tips that'll help you tackle challenges and face the world with resolve.

your role model responding to your letter
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Your Hero Writes You a Response Letter

Imagine your hero responded to a letter you wrote them. What might they say?

how to deal when everything is different
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Peer Health Exchange

Teen health educators share their perspectives on various mental health questions and offer strategies to help their peers stay healthy.

meditation for learning
Yoga with Adriene

Put mindfulness in action as you tune in to your body and do some breathing and stretching.

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Daily SEL, STEM, and PE Lessons (Grades 9-12)

Work through 20-minute, teacher-led lessons featuring videos, activities, and extensions. The intriguing topics range from heart health to social entrepreneurship.

person writing in journal
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Write and Reflect

Click on the topic categories to find journal-writing prompts that encourage reflection. Make it a daily habit!

writing a letter pretending to be the teen version of that person
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Write a Letter to a Loved One in the Past

Think of an adult who's special to you. Write a letter to a teenage version of them.

Keeping the Peace During a Pandemic

Cooped up with family or friends? Consider ways to carve out some privacy for yourself and respect those you live with.

holding hands
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Perspectives on Race

Recognize how our understanding of race affects people in different ways, and hear personal perspectives from a handful of Flocabulary's rappers.

Stay Connected While Social Distancing

Find out how Zimani is staying in touch with loved ones while out of physical contact. Identify a couple things you can do to stay connected.

people working together
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In It Together

Read about efforts in four countries to keep people healthy during the pandemic. What can you do to help lift people's spirits?

Taking Care of Yourself in a Crisis

Listen to Wasan's experiences coping with this crisis. Reflect on how you're feeling and think of something you might do to take care of yourself.

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Go Viral with Gratitude

Use your favorite video-creation tool to make a video thanking someone who's made a difference in your life: a teacher, a parent, or another mentor.

Screenshot of its PDF document
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What Can I Say Instead?

Complete this worksheet to rethink and reframe the things you say when struggling. Do you think changing the way you speak shapes your thinking?

cartoon drawing of John Lewis
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John Lewis and Nonviolent Action

Watch this introduction to Lewis's life, activism, and influence on generations of others. Afterward, choose an event mentioned in the video and research it further.

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Connecting With Students

Distance learning isn't just about lessons: Teachers need to find new ways to connect with students and families. See what some teachers are doing to maintain contact.

Mental Health Check

Take some time for your mental health. Watch this video, then choose one of Jolie's tips to try out.

Mother and daughter hugging
Appreciating the Small Things

Thinking about your mother or another caregiver, identify some of the everyday ways that person shows you love. Show your appreciation with a note or hug.

Students gathered in a classroom
How to Show Teachers Appreciation

Use your writing skills to express thanks to your teacher. Think of specifics if you can, and write from the heart!

Coping with Stress During Uncertainty

Manage stress and stay healthy during the pandemic with this informative video on dealing with anxiety. Then, use the tips to develop a self-care plan.

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Our Choices and the Common Good

Reflect on what it means to behave in ways that promote the common good with this lesson on our actions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Science of Envy

Explore the science behind envy, a sometimes shameful emotion we all feel. Then, consider both the negative, and positive, consequences of envy in our world.

Responding to Coronavirus Racism

Explore tips on speaking out against racism and hate speech, whether it's related to the coronavirus or anything else.

how to have better communication skills
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Effective Communication Skills

There's never been a better time to brush up on our communication skills. Use this clever rap video to kick-start a conversation.

Far from Home

Immerse yourself in this slideshow from 2015 about the Syrian refugee crisis. Afterward, read the lesson's "Delving Deeper" questions and discuss with a family member.

illustration of people listening to shared radio
Storytelling and Interviewing Skills

Explore this extensive archive of fascinating and powerful interviews. Listen to what makes an interesting story then interview someone you know.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Learn and practice the three techniques in this video to calm yourself and de-stress.

Who's Your Miss Devine?

Watch this video and write down interesting details about Miss Devine. Write a description of an important person in your life in a similar style.

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Call an Elder

Make someone's day by calling a grandparent, a neighbor, or a friend of the family to check in on them. Maybe tell them a joke!

Curses Into Blessings

Listen to a student's reflection on lockdown. Even though things are tough, what's something you can do to make the best of it?

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My Media Choices Inventory

Use the worksheet to chart out your media diet. Ask a family member or friend to do it too. Think about and discuss the results.

Artist-Inspired Self-Portrait

Watch this video about artists who explored identity through portraiture. Create a portrait of yourself that shows who you are (or how people see you).

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Breathe Deeply and Destress

How to manage anxiety, stay active, and focus on your family's well-being.

Take Some Time

Spend a quick seven minutes getting recentered and focused with this meditation video.

father and daughter
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Essential Digital Citizenship Lessons for the Coronavirus Epidemic

Support the transition to virtual learning and help students think critically and compassionately about what they see online.

Mindfulness Learning

Mindfulness lesson plans for the classroom including an introduction to mindfulness, the science behind how it works, scripts for exercises, and follow-up questions.

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Walk and Talk

Take a brisk stroll with a family member or friend.

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Read this article to learn some coping strategies for our anxiety-inducing times. Afterward, work through the supporting questions.

Self-Care Action Plan

Use this video to learn about self-care, why it's important, and how to incorporate it into your life. As a follow-up, do some research into self-care strategies and develop a plan.

Classroom Meditation – For All Ages!

Spend a quick seven minutes getting centered and focused with this meditation video.

family taking a walk
Parenting Cue Cards

Tips and scripts to guide you through challenging parenting situations like enforcing bedtime or getting children to clean up after themselves.

How to Help Teens Shelter in Place

Advice on how to talk to your teen about social distancing and help them cope with feelings of isolation in a stressful time.

Mission Mindfulness

An app with guided meditations, movement activities, and emotion-tracking tools for parents and children to engage with together.

a teacher writing notes
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Tips for Teachers with Anxiety

How can teachers with anxiety help calm students during the coronavirus pandemic? See the strategies an Understood teacher fellow uses to manage her emotions.

learning about others' emotions
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Social-Emotional Learning

Choose three videos, watch them, and write down the main idea from each one to share with someone else.

Offline program
Reach Out and Connect

Wave to your neighbors. Write a letter. Make a call. Schedule some special time with a friend or family member.

Get Help if Someone in Your Home is Making you Unsafe

Around the clock, confidential support for anyone experiencing domestic violence or seeking resources and information. Help is available in Spanish and other languages.

Crisis Text Line
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Get Immediate Crisis Support

Crisis Text Line is free, 24/7 support for those in crisis via text and webchat. Text SCHOOL to 741741 from anywhere in the US to speak with a trained Crisis Counselor.

Action plan planner
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Reflect and Create a Plan

Use this planner to reflect on your learning experiences and figure out a productive and positive path forward.