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picture of a sculpture in the Vatican
Musei Vaticani logo
Visit the Vatican

Wander the richly decorated halls of this unique holy city-state—completely free of crowds!

pictures of different places around the world
Explore a Country Through Art and History

Choose a country, read about it, and then explore the art and images that help define it. (Note: There are a few paintings with nudity.)

drawing of a family
Common Sense Media logo
Be a Movie Critic

Watch a movie (or show) of your choice. Sign up for a free Common Sense Media account, search for the title you watched, and write a review to share your thoughts.

abstract art
teachrock logo
Drawing to Music

Learn about synesthesia and how it influences musicians and artists. Then put some music on, get inspired, and draw.

a building with crazy architecture
World's Zaniest Buildings

Take a virtual tour of some of the world's most unconventional buildings. Then, using materials from home (or just pen and paper), try designing your own.

hip-hop artist Nas
Leaves of Grass

Celebrate Walt Whitman's life by reading Leaves of Grass with Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, hip-hop artist Nas, and an array of contemporary poets.

drawing of a girl
el education logo
Create a Character Profile

Imagine a fictional, yet realistic, person. Write a profile of their life, including traits like physical appearance and personality. Describe their family, school, job, and more.

A Modern Reimagining of Shakespeare

Watch this unique, modernized take on one of Shakespeare's later—and lesser-known—plays.

Four Notes That Changed Music with Ezinma

Watch as violinist Ezinma honors the history and legacy of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony—and its famous four notes—in this awesome modern take.

african american woman with a decorative headpiece
moad logo
Black Is Beautiful

Analyze and discuss the influential photography of Kwame Brathwaite with a friend, family member, or teacher. Use the guiding questions to get things going.

Frida Kahlo: No Simple Truths

Learn about the life and art of Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo, who explored disability, relationships, and Mexican culture in her work.

various artists' names swirling
stax logo
History of American Soul Music

Explore the Stax Records archives online, with this fascinating digital library of album covers, posters, and other rare items. Then, listen to the music!

two origami boxes
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation logo
Origami Boxes

Learn the Japanese art of paper folding and make your very own origami box. Decorate the paper before folding to add a personal touch!

cartoon drawing of a person
moad logo
A Matter of Fact

Explore the drawings of Toyin Ojih Odutola. Use the questions throughout to examine Ojih Odutola's artistic techniques and her exploration of wealth and Blackness.

animated animals dancing
Hour of Code

Try these engaging, one-hour introductory computer science tutorials, appropriate for all ages. There are hundreds of activities and tutorials in over 45 languages.

Art and Drawing Master Class

Dive into some art instruction from YouTuber Ross Tran in this playlist of helpful drawing tutorials.

drawing of a person breakdancing
The History of Breakdancing

Discover the origins of breakdancing in this short documentary-style video. See if you can pick up a few basic, easier moves and try them yourself.

a painting
Scream Trivia

Ever wonder about Edvard Munch's famous expressionist painting? This short interactive answers the awesome questions you didn't even know you had.

golden gate bridge
Urban Love Poem

Explore San Francisco's history, from the gold rush to today's Silicon Valley, by reading Marilyn Chin's "Urban Love Poem" with Chin and others.

Explore and Imagine Two of Poe's Classic Stories

Work through these lessons that examine two of Edgar Allan Poe's dark tales. Along the way you'll visualize movie adaptations of the stories.

Toy Boat Design Challenge

Design and build your own toy boat using recyclable materials from around your home. Then think of other DIY vehicles you could make!

decorative water jar
Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation logo
Water Cycle in a Jar

Create and witness the water cycle in a personally designed glass jar.

draw with drew and rosie promo pic
time for kids logo
Draw with Drew (and Rosie)

Draw along with Drew and his special guest, fourth grader Rosie. Their helpful tips and silly banter are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

sample image of coding
Quick Coding Course

Learn the fundamentals of computer science with drag-and-drop blocks. Create your own drawings and games.

a foot on a distortion pedal
teachrock logo
Design a Distortion Pedal

Discover the history of the distortion pedal, a little box that changed rock music. Then learn about what distortion is and design your own pedal.

drawn out idea
el education logo
Helpful Invention

Dream up an invention you think could help make people's lives better. Design it, then build it. Check out the two examples for inspiration.

Black-and-white drawing
pbs learning media logo
Persuasive Political Cartoons

Practice analyzing political cartoons and the persuasive techniques used by artists with this interactive activity from the Library of Congress. (Flash required.)

Examples of DIY activities
Common Sense Media logo

Swipe through short, simple DIY videos on crafting, cooking, and more. Or create your own DIY tips for your favorite hobby. (Some alcohol content.)

Common Sense Media logo
Go Viral with Gratitude

Use your favorite video-creation tool to make a video thanking someone who's made a difference in your life: a teacher, a parent, or another mentor.

Creating a life soundtrack
pbs learning media logo
Soundtrack to Life

Use this tool to see how different music can affect how we interpret a movie scene. Then come up with a 10-song soundtrack for your own life.

Learn to Cartoon

Follow along with professional cartoonist Joe Wos as he shows you how to draw a cartoon scene.

Artwork and art supplies
Wide Open School's logo
Draw a Flower

Think of your favorite flower -- real or imaginary. Now draw it with as much detail as you can. Use a photo or just your mind.

Egyptian art
The Walters Art Museum logo
Ages of Art

Examine how artists in Ancient Egypt used proportional guidelines for their work. Can you identify all of the rules they used? Create a grid to start.

Museum Magic

Explore the exhibit "Harry Potter: A History of Magic" from the British Library. Look for everything from real "magical" artifacts to J.K. Rowling's original sketches.

Eco-Friendly Sneaker

Can you design and build a sneaker that's environmentally friendly? As you work, consider the effects of the materials you're using.

Basketball Poem Breakdown

Join NBA player Shaquille O'Neal and others for a poetic play-by-play on Edward Hirsch's poem "Fast Break," which captures a slow-motion basketball play.

Art from the Heart

Explore the intersection of love and art with this tender virtual exhibit. Then create a piece of art or a poem for someone you care about.

Calling All Artists and Advocates

Raise awareness of how climate change is impacting Earth's oceans. You can use poetry, art, film, prose, multimedia and more in this solution-oriented youth competition.

Women in Arts and Culture

Get acquainted with influential women artists, activists, and icons in this extensive virtual exhibit on women in culture.

The Poetics of Hip-Hop

Join hip-hop artist Nas as he discusses his song "N.Y. State of Mind" and considers hip-hop’s place in the poetic canon. Note: Mature content.

How to Tune a Guitar for Beginners

Give that guitar a tune-up! With this easy-to-follow video, learn to tune a guitar, even without an electric tuner.

DIY Drums!

Get rocking and learn how to make your own drum kit out of simple, household materials. As you build your own, remember to improvise!

Your Own Space Film

Make a movie about space using images from NASA's archives. If you're under 18, have your parent submit your final video to the competition.

The $150,000 Banana

Consider the ways that artworks are valued and priced with this quirky, 12-minute video. You can also think about the ways we define art itself.

How to Make a Balance Board

Watch this short tutorial, then see if you can build and use your own balance board with materials you already have in your home.

History of Books

Tour libraries, ancient manuscripts, and famous authors' bookshelves with this virtual exhibit on the history of books. Afterward, read a chapter of your favorite novel.

Found Object Art Re-Creation

Browse the Getty Museum's collection, then re-create something you've found using objects (and people) from your home. See the Twitter feed for inspiration!

Why Do Songs Get Stuck in Your Head?

Wiggle into the world of earworms, songs that get stuck in our heads. Then listen to a song you love, and see if it sticks.

Step into Shakespeare

Watch modern interpretations of classic plays and dive into the Bard's lasting legacy with this virtual exhibit on performing Shakespeare.

Making Music With Math

Create your own music while learning math. Start with the math vocabulary activity and see how factoring integers and identifying ratios can sound so good.

Explore Threatened Landmarks

Tour gorgeous cultural and historical sites being threatened by climate change in this virtual exhibit. Learn about ways architects are working to preserve them.

The Kids Should See This logo
Rube Goldberg Machines

Check out these crazy contraptions that are all about cause and effect, and draw a plan for your own.

person from video holding a book
Library of Congress logo
Respond to a Piece of Art

Find a piece of art of any kind and from anyone. Write a response to it. What does it make you feel and think?

Make a Rebus Puzzle

Use The Noun Project's icon library to make a rebus. What's a rebus? It's a puzzle made up of pictures and symbols that represent words.

Room in a Box

Gather some art supplies and odds and ends you can use to make a miniature room inside a box. Watch the video for inspiration.

Imagine the Past

Float around the Met's ancient Temple of Dendur exhibit in this virtual video. Draw what you think the temple looked like at its peak.

Wide Open School's logo
Fantasy Life

Design and create a board game based on something you've learned recently. Try to incorporate that learning into the gameplay, not just the theme.

Create a Cardboard Arcade Game

Grab some cardboard and any art supplies you might have. Build a playable game for your family; think Skee-Ball but made out of boxes!

Nature as Art

Discover the beauty of the wild with this virtual exhibit on natural history. Get up-close looks at sea creatures, dangerous wildlife, and dinosaur bones.

Your Own Art

Watch this 30-minute exploration of Emily Dickinson's poem. Pick out one line that moved you. Capture that feeling in your own poem.

Artist-Inspired Self-Portrait

Watch this video about artists who explored identity through portraiture. Create a portrait of yourself that shows who you are (or how people see you).

Listen to Some Shakespeare

Find a comfy chair, get out your headphones, and listen to a Shakespeare play performed by actors from the Folger Theatre.

Create with Colors

Click on a color and see famous fine art that contain it. Then pick a color to feature in your own art! (Note: There are a few paintings with nudity)

Explore Ancient Drawings

Step inside the Chauvet Cave, a 36,000-year-old gallery of ancient human art. See what we can learn from what our ancestors left behind.

Discover Street Art

Check out the vibrant world of graffiti and other street art with this virtual exhibit. Discover how murals connect to social movements and communities.

Tiny Desk Concerts

Watch your favorite musicians give live performances at the desk of All Things Consideredhost Bob Boilen.

Vi Hart: How to Make a Hexaflexagon

Follow along with this video (and use the printable linked in the description) to do a fun, quick craft activity perfect for fidgety types. It also has some secret math in it.

Get Doodling with Mo

Visit with author and illustrator Mo Willems as he invites you to doodle with him in his home studio.

pbs learning media logo
The Great Depression, Ken Burns in the Classroom

Examine this gallery of photos taken during the Great Depression. Use the Photo Analysis Worksheet to guide your thinking.

Game Coder

Explore some of the tutorials in Microsoft's MakeCode Arcade. These step-by-step guides show how to modify and create simple games using drag-and-drop code blocks.

Gerhard Richter: Painting After All

Explore this beautiful website that digs into why the artist Gerhard Richter continues to use the medium of painting for his work. As a follow-up, analyze and interpret one of Richter's paintings.

programming sample
Meme Maker Tutorial

Play through Vidcode's super-simple but fun tutorial that focuses on creating custom social media-style filters.

Khan Academy logo
Imagineering in a Box

Perfect for Disney lovers, this incredible course covers the renowned Disney Imagineering method for storytelling and gets kids designing their own theme park attractions.

interface of Scratch
Start from Scratch

For new coders, check out the tutorial or play around with some projects to get a sense of what's possible.

Beyond Scrolls & Screens

Use this interactive exhibit to explore Japanese scrolls and screens in close detail, learning about the different things they represented.

Letters, Undelivered

Write a letter to someone important that you'll never actually send. Afterward, reflect on the experience.

chrome music lab
Song Maker

Make a song or beat using this super-fun visual sequencer. If you've got something good, download it and save it!

Khan Academy logo
Why Look at Art?

This unit covers Art History from global prehistory to the present.

Your Own Music Studio

Use Audacity to start recording and editing audio. Musician? Record a song. Got something on your mind? Record a podcast.

Cool Contemporary Art

Figure out what splatter paint, street art, and emoji have in common with this virtual exhibit on contemporary art. And remember, it's OK to laugh!