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Tools, games and advice for special needs and learning difficulties

Games, apps, and devices offer access, information, and inclusion to kids with learning differences, autism, vision and hearing loss, and more.

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Tip Sheet for Supporting Students with Disabilities

A tip sheet based on guidance by the U.S. Department of Education and the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services.

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Learning Videos: Accessibility Tips

With school closures, many teachers are diving into online teaching. Get tips from an expert on making video and distance learning accessible to all students.

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Online Tasks: Accessibility Tips

Online assignments can create learning barriers for some students. Get tips from an expert on how to make online tasks accessible to all students.

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FAQs on IEPs & School Closures

What happens with kids' IEPs when schools shut down? Get answers to common legal questions about special education and school closings.

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Accessibility Settings on iOS and Android Devices

These options for mobile devices can help to better accommodate a child's individual sensory and attentional needs.

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Best Special Education Apps and Websites

A list of apps and websites that can support kids with special needs or learning and attention issues.