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Find resources for free and low-cost internet and devices for students and families. Learn how families qualify, what kinds of discounts are available, and which providers offer the right service for your students. Teaching kids without internet access can be a challenge, so help students and their families get the tools they need.


Educator tips on guiding students and coaching families as they navigate digital tools for distance learning.

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5 Ways to Get All Students Connected

Help students and their families access low-cost and free internet, devices, and educational content.

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Affordable Internet and Computers

Connects lower-income families to affordable internet service and computers and to digital skills training. Resources for families and districts to share low-cost internet with their students.

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Tool for Low-cost Broadband

Search tool for free and low-cost broadband service providers.

Low-cost Technology

Affordable computers and low-cost internet for eligible individuals and nonprofits. They offer refurbished desktop and laptop computers, low-cost mobile internet, and affordable computer repair.

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Get Devices and Internet

Provides lower-income families and nonprofits with technology, internet, and digital training.


Affordable internet service, low-cost computers, and free digital literacy training for lower-income families.

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Supporting Education and Communities

Support for schools and families to connect students to at-home learning.

Internet Essentials

Affordable high-speed internet for families and lower-income households.