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which one holds more


grades 2–6

Which One Holds More?

Grab two sheets of paper and create two different-size cylinders. Predict which one will hold more Legos, beads, or other objects of your choice!

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cartoon drawing of Sacagawea


grades 1–6

Who Was Sacagawea?

Listen to this audiobook to learn about an amazing teenager who made some of the exploration of North America possible.

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relieving stress and relaxing


Preschool–grade 5

Simple Stress Busters

Try out one of these simple activities to de-stress, release tension, and relax.

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Take a screen break

Paper Airplanes

Try folding paper into airplanes without a model. Then look up different techniques. Which ones fly the farthest?
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Keep it up

Practice your favorite subjects or discover a new interest, from music to STEM.
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grades 3–8

Learn to Cartoon

Follow along with professional cartoonist Joe Wos as he shows you how to draw a cartoon scene.

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grades 3–12

Pizza-Tossing Tournament!

Learn from champion pizza chef Tony Gemignani in this somewhat old, yet informative video. Watch Tony teach the basics; then try tossing your own pizza.

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a woman with two dogs


grades 5–6

Speak, Fido

Read this article about new, high-tech vests being developed to help service dogs communicate with people. Then consider some other potential uses for this technology.